Different frame rates every day


I get a different frame rate every day. There is a day when the frame rate is fixed at 40 Fps. The next day it is 20-30 Fps. There are times when the stuttering is continuous, other times it is smooth. I don’t understand why … What are your thoughts?

  • Flight area, flight path is the same
  • The weather is the same
  • Flight time is the same
  • Airplane is the same
  • Setting is the same

If what you say is accurate, then the only think I can think off is that sometimes you have something else running or something maximized when it must be minimized, like trackir.

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I never check FPS. If the SIM is running smoothly I don’t care if I’m getting 5 FPS or 60 FPS and you can have stutters even with the latter.


@OnCourse2013, I completely agree. The only time I care what the framerate is, is when I’m actively working on tweaks, and want to know what, if any, changes those tweaks are making. Aside from that, if my eyes are happy, I’m happy, regardless of what the fps counter says.

I’m not entirely sure what framerates I need, or if Afterburner is giving me an accurate count anyway, because what it tells me is 25 or better seems completely fine to me.

But, back to the OP, I too notice some subtle changes from day to day, and not just in framerates. Sometimes they’re so not subtle that I wonder if an Asobo ghost snuck in my house in the middle of the night to give me a secret patch that only I get.

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Well with sim streaming data. One of the very reasons and its not surprising.The API the sim is running is also another.Turn that fps counter off and fly. I even fly with the sim at 20fps Like one of the commenters here as long as its smooth I myself don’t bother turning it on while flying.

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I am gettiing different frame rates and also CPU and GPU usage just from re-starting the game. i think it has something to do with the initialization of the game


Do you have the Rolling Cache activated with plenty of memory?

Alternatively, or even as well as, is your internet connection stable?

Both have been discussed as causing problems with graphics though nothing “proved”. Whatever, something is interfering with the graphics production.

i just rebooted the sim. no change in internet connection or Cache or anything and my CPU/GPU usage changed.

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I’m seeing this in VR on my 3090 and G2. Did a flight earlier with 35-40 fps. CTD midway so restarted, identical parking, weather, time and only 25fps. Did 20 restarts of sim and 4 occasions got 36fps on ground and 40 in air, rest were 25fps. No rolling cache, using fixed weather. Tried all different combinations of entering vr mode but isn’t repeatable. Only difference on the dev overlay is that the GPU frame time is longer, quality of visuals is identical, CPU/GPU utilisation same. Seems that once a higher frame rate is achieved it remains until the sim is restarted, so agree it seems to be initialization of flight.

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Please try lowering your 2D graphics settings (not VR settings) to lowest, including render scaling, and then start VR. This will help with initialization.

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I have to laugh because, back in FSX days, I would have these ‘better days’ of FSX where seemingly from one day to the next there would either be a marked improvement - or a noticeable drop in FSX performance -be it FPS or stutters. Mind you with ZERO other changes to FSX or to my rig by me.

I began to think, because of this, that MS was slipping unmarked or ‘blind’ updates to FSX into their OS security and general Windows service updates. I thought ‘this is their flagship entertainment program that is branded Microsoft Flight Simulator - and it is performing abysmally by CONSENSUS…they had to do something without drawing attention to how buggy it was - to protect the brand’
It’s what I would have done in their shoes.

makes you wonder

Sounds like it could be the bandwidth and server related stuff that goes on in the background. Part of it can be the OS running things in the background from time to time.

I had already set the 2d settings to low as it speeds up the initial load, so I did try both 2d ultra and low again but made no difference. It isn’t bandwidth/cpu related as I can fly at x4 speed in the TBM at 1100 knots and the frames are consistent, but either mid 20s or mid 30s depending on the luck of the draw. I never see anything other than 25 and 36, it is either one or the other, nothing in between. I’m running oxr 100, taa 100, lod 200, od 200, plus ultra and high for most settings, which is smooth at the 25 fps. Interestingly, if I reduce the non resolution settings down to minimum I still don’t get up to mid 30s fps unless I reduce taa to 70. Although I know I should be ignoring this and just flying, I now know the hardware can provide a 44% fps improvement, just need to find out how to make it repeatable.

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The same happens to me, but with microstutters.
My frame rates are great, but sometimes I do get very annoying microstutters, and sometimes it’s butter smooth.
And that really makes me want to tear my hair off because all other conditions are exactly the same :thinking:


I also experience this I have a fairly powerful system being

I7 8700k
32gb ram at 3600mz
Rtx 3080
And all installed on solid state drives

My internet however is fairly poor with at best 10mb but as of the 8th I will be on a min of 78mb
I also use vr in the shape of the rift s can’t find a sweet spot for that yet, with the above mentioned system I would expect good performance and I do in any other sim or fast paced game for that matter I’m pinning my hopes on it’s the internet and that causes the lag and melted Lego like buildings, granted I play on ultra at 2k but my system is more then adequate to handle those settings, any tips anybody can offer me?


I have discovered why my frame rates increase randomly on sim restarts without changing the settings. For some reason the sim starts on a lower 2538 x 2476 resolution game/post than the normal 3172 x 3092 giving the fps boost. This seems to equate to OXR 100 and TAA 80 instead of 100/100. I’m not however seeing a downgrade in EFIS resolution. All my settings are fixed not automatic.

I’ve also noticed another change when this occurs. When I exit from VR and try to return I always get an OpenXR initialization failure in the sim, so have to restart the sim. However when the sim randomly starts with the lower resolution, it appears that I can happily go in and out of VR without issue.

I’ve tried the non beta version of OpenXR but randomness remains. Seems they are related but can’t see a root cause.


How can you tell what the resolution is coming out as?

It’s really the luck of the draw to get a smooth simming experience but it seems it just can’t be repeatable. I have high end hardware and 4k monitor and today with same setup I have a smooth flight with 4k ultra settings and fps in the mid 30’s. Over the weekend it was hit and miss and I ended up spending more time trying to tweak the setup downwards to get smoothness than enjoying the flight but could not eliminate the stutters and microstutters. Just when you think you have it figured out it starts acting up again so my only hope is that MS and their partners get it figured out soon with updates and resolve any server issues so we can spend more time enjoying it than troubleshooting and tweaking it. Hopefully someday the terrain issues, elevation problems and photogrammetry will get resolved too. Frustrated and giving up trying to figure it out!

Resolution is on the dev tools FPS overlay, just below the fps

Indeed, i noticed that too. Yesterday with my FBW A320 at Heathrow i got 25fps. And today i get 35-40fps. Thats not normal…
Settings are at High / 1080p / i7 8700K / 2080S

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