Different performance in different aircraft?

Ok today lots of questions and doubts. MSFS drives me nuts sometimes performance is great sometimes it’s terrible. O know it depends on location after the update and I know that glass cockpits tend to perform worse.
Are there any other performance connections?
For instance I noticed that all Diamond aircraft for me stutter much more than cessnas. This is also with the analogue Diamond. Today I flew the Cessna caravan for the first time - g1000 and it’s incredibly smooth, much better than the Skyhawks g1000 for instance and even better than the skyhawk analogue. Anyone else noticed this?

The experience varies because there are over a dozen main settings that influence one’s flying session. And many more secondary settings.

One thing is consistent. C152 is the least burdensome of the planes. If you cannot get good fps flying this plane, you have one or more settings that are holding you back.

Beyond that, more specifics required.

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Yes I noticed it as well. After the update, glass cockpit aircrafts perform much worse than before (around minus 15ー20 FPS)
However, I have much better frames in the DA than in the Cessna 172, despite both having the same glass panels.

Edit: This could all be related to the current performance issue. So I really hope to see an improvement after a Hotfix


it’s not new that usage of different airplanes result in different fps…
And Of course the effect of existing glass-cockpit on performance is also a big-point.

Example quick check I made:

I flew “through” New York ( current release ) :
ZLIN : 35-40 fps
Cessna 172 SH : 25-30 fps
Mooney : 20 - 25 fps

Here a similar older test ( and older release ) :