Different resolution option for cockpit and environment

The issue: It is very difficult for me to find good graphics settings for VR. If I set up the graphics resolution so I can see with some clarity the instruments and controls of the cockpit then the scenery has to be dead at the bare-bone settings. If I want some scenery I have to downgrade the resolution but that makes the instruments of the cockpit non-legible.

I have a suggestion: what if we could rasterize the cockpit and scenery at different resolutions so we could set a superior resolution for the cockpit so we can easily read the instruments and have the world rasterized at a lower resolution but with more things. Then both thing could be homogenized by applying a supersampling to the world rasterization to match cockpit resolution so both can be blended together. This differentiated settings of cockpit resolution and world resolution would make a big difference.

This could be a revolution for VR flight. Please make it possible.

Thanks in advance.

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