Different resolution option for cockpit and environment

The issue: It is very difficult for me to find good graphics settings for VR. If I set up the graphics resolution so I can see with some clarity the instruments and controls of the cockpit then the scenery has to be dead at the bare-bone settings. If I want some scenery I have to downgrade the resolution but that makes the instruments of the cockpit non-legible.

I have a suggestion: what if we could rasterize the cockpit and scenery at different resolutions so we could set a superior resolution for the cockpit so we can easily read the instruments and have the world rasterized at a lower resolution but with more things. Then both thing could be homogenized by applying a supersampling to the world rasterization to match cockpit resolution so both can be blended together. This differentiated settings of cockpit resolution and world resolution would make a big difference.

This could be a revolution for VR flight. Please make it possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Totally agree with this. I proposed the same thing for XP11 but they didn’t care. Hope Asobo team read this and give us an answer if it is possible to implement.

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I was about to create this wishlist item but found these.

Like everyone else I’m looking forward to SU5, but can’t help tinkering in the meantime. Up until now I’ve been keeping the vr renderscale at 100 and adjusting pimax/steamvr scales for the balance of fps/clarity.

So now i made pimax and steamvr both at 100% (4616x4272 as reported in steamvr settings) and then 50% in-game vr renderscale, resulting in a final resolution of 2308x2136. Bonus: the menus, floating panels like vfr map, and steam gauges look sharp and crisp! Better than i’ve never seen before. The landscape and buildings look great and fps is at a comfy 30.

BUT the glass cockpits are a blurry mess. I tried to get a pic thru the headset lens but this shot of the scaled-up mirror using OBS studio shows what i mean. The VFR map is extremely clear and readable while the G1000 map is garbage.

Please make a separate render slider for glass cockpits!