Difficulties with GPS knobs "press" function

Since SU5, I seem to not be able to use the “push” function on the gps knobs, aka the R knob where pressing on it brings up the cursor function - so i can’t manually enter a direct-to airport. Or the left-side knob where pressing would allow me to toggle between the nav and com radios. I used to just left click on the knob itself rather than the rotary portion, but this does nothing now. Thanks for any advice.

Try holding the left button down and right click to push the button down.

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That did it! Thank you so much!

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You can also turn the knobs by holding the left button and dragging the mouse left and right to quickly rotate the knobs, just a fyi

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That doesn’t work for some reason. I can get all of the new “blue” cockpit interactions except “pressing” on a knob. Therefore, I can’t switch from Com to VLOC on the Garmin 530.

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