Difficulties with Logitech flight yoke

Hello, I’m having some issues with the Logitech flight yoke and I’m not sure if this is fixable or if it supposed to be this way.

Issue A:

This is the Cessna 172 Skyhawk with G1000. It seems that the plane barely responds to aileron input when the yoke is near the center. As I turn the control more, there comes a point where the response increases rapidly. It’s hard for me to hit that sweet spot right between the game responding quickly to my input and responding wildly to my input. If this were an audio control, like a piano keyboard, I would want to adjust the response curves to give more response near the middle and less response near the extremes.

question A1: is this realistic compared to actual flight?

qeustion A2: is this normal or desired behavior from the sim?

question A3: are the curves adjustable?

question A4: why did FS2020 never ask me to calibrate the controls?

issue B:

when I fly the cessna, it seems that a lot of the time I find myself giving aileron input just to hold the plane level. over the same flight this can change from requiring left input to requiring right input.

question B1: is this normal?

question B2: is it explained by flight physics? note that this doesn’t seem to happen in X-Plane

question B3: is it wrong but there is a know explanation?

This happens if you have ‘generic’ chosen instead of modern in flight model.
And you can tune your yoke in the ‘controls’ menu. Sensitivity.
Hope that helps.

I saw a youtube video where a gentleman showed a huge deadzone in the yoke caused by the proximity switches they used in manufacturing. He showed a replacement procedure and results were impressive. I saw another video where the gentleman was a pilot and had the same complaint about the yoke deadzone issue. He used the sensitivity calibration in-game and made the pitch axis more of a slight sweepin curve instead of a 1 tot 1 straight line. He said the yoke plays more like a realistic throttle with the slight sweep curve for the sensitivity as opposed to a 1 to 1, which he said is not realistic.