Digging deeper in the weather, still no answers

I have been messing and searching with the weather for some time now, all i want to do is gain enough reasonable data to be able to plan a dead-reckoning flight and fly it. Currently it sort of works but not really as the data i have been using does not match the live weather.

From this closed thread, it seems the “live” weather may in fact be 12hours out of live.


I did have some small success today:- In the world map, click on a runway as departure etc and the winds given match 100% with the METAR from MeteoBlue web site.

Then i discovered the filters in world map for wind layers…



I though, great, this will work - but maybe not, as there is no reference to LOW and HIGH in altitudes :frowning:

Then I checked a recent arrival I made - the Isle of Wight UK, always windy.

Ground level filter shows a 32 - this of course is feet per second bugged so we convert to 19knots which is more believable.

Select the runway as departure and it magically changes to 7kts

Then there is the wind direction - the map has little arrows but these do not match any direction i can find, even do not match the planner which reports 235 deg but the little arrows look more like 100deg maybe?

Anyone got any more info they can throw in? It seems to be somewhere between broken and messed up, either way it means you cannot use it for proper planning etc.

The weather is not twelve hours old.
The weather is based on Meteo Blue’s weather forecast that can be up to twelve hours old.
If the forecast is correct, so will the weather be.


Thanks, thats a little clarification at least.

If that world map filter had each icon show speed, direction, elevation then we would be on to a winner i think, and of course that info needed to filter back down to the planner etc. without magically changing

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The other thing that comes into play is the Metar at the various airports.
The sim will use that metar to try and get correct weather at the airport.
It then has to “smooth” out the change between the Metar and Meteo Blue’s forecasted weather.

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