Directly to ASOBO, and DLC Maverick

Dear Asobo studio, I regret to inform you, but you should be ashamed and not proud of your last “work” DLC Maverick this is something for children under 12 max … One painting, several scenarios, and landing on an aircraft carrier that can be done almost with eyes closed, which DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY EMOTIONS you write about … Please try to do the same in DCS simulator … THERE ARE EMOTIONS! Really watching the last Q&A I was just embarrassed how the invited creator of this DLC was talking about it … sorry but this is very unsuccessful and you either know it yourself, or you just pretend to yourself. This could be a really nice DLC that could relate to the movie, but it is not at all. One interesting thing is the high-altitude experiment and it ends there. How can you have so much time and spend something so mediocre and weak in terms of content … I don’t know where to look for the reason and I don’t even want to write more about it. No passion, gentlemen, no passion at all, sorry.


Well I’m enjoying it….


Good for You !

For a free promotional tie-in to a movie, I think it was fantastic and a lot of fun.


Promoting a ‘War Movie’ on a supposedly Pacific Platform !

Here we go again, another person comparing apples and pears and complaining about free stuff provided without any forced installation.

Also, how do you even think is going to read this stuff you post into the community section? The Devs? Unlikely.

If you want something to be different you shall create a wishlist topic and provide something constructive.


Your mother should be ashamed and not proud of her last work…
It’s free content … ■■■■■…

I love it , it’s not DCS, it’s only a promotional “FREE” update.

This post will be deleted but I hope you have the time to read it…

Thank you Asobo, I love your work…

The movie tie-in was about the flying part of the film, and not the other aspects.

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