Disable Multiplayer if you are flying the DC-6 - Recommended by PMDG

There is an issue trending right now that multiplayer in the DC-6 will CTD in MSFS whenever a DC-6 spawn near or fly near you. PMDG has recommended that we do not fly the DC-6 in multiplayer. Only on VATSIM or IVAO.


The group I fly with tested this and it unfortunately worked every time. 1st to spawn at an airport lives. Anyone who spawns in after CTDs. At least that was our experience. We tried one aircraft at an airport while another flew to it. At about 20 miles out the plane at the airport CTD’ed and the plane flying to the airport had a big pause but didn’t CTD. It could be who CTDs is random but our tests always had one plane CTD whenever planes got too close to each other for some reason.

Can’t you just set multiplayer to use generic model instead?

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Have yet to try that but I bet that could work!

When in multiplayer, if the user gets anywhere near another player who also happens to be flying the DC-6 the sim will CTD every time. The folks at PMDG says this has already been passed onto ASOBO, but I am just creating this ticket so that it is more visible in the hopes that a fix gains more traction. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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This could do with being fixed sooner rather than later so we users can enjoy the DC6 on multiplayer.

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Hope they can release a hot fix for this. What other complex plane has the same problem or is it only with the DC6?

I’ve only witnessed it on the DC-6 personally. But PMDG representatives have said it affects complex aircraft. But, at this point in time, yes, just seems to be the DC-6.

Some posts in Bugs and Issues were consolidated into this post as they refer to a third party product. Please keep Bugs and Issues for stock simulator related topics. Thanks.

Is the issue also present when you switch off multiplayer but you are in a group with another DC 6 player?

How can you be in a group with someone with no multiplayer?

I think the solution here is to make sure that the DC-6 has an Air Traffic model that only renders exterior model without interior panels. The same way that the default A320 has a separate UserSelectable aircraft with working panel, and a separate Air Traffic model that uses the same exterior model, but not rendering the interior cockpit panels. So none of the instruments are being simulated, which may solve the CTD issue.

Is the DC-6 installed to Community Folder? If so, it might be an easy task to do if we know how it’s structured, and apply the same structure as the A320 Air Traffic.

When you are in a group, you can see this player even when multiplayer is off.

Edit: I mean the option in the world menu. I think it even says “group only” in the “off” option.

Being in a group (with other people) would cause the same issue as it is technically a multiplayer session. It’s the way it loads the models in. That’s why VATSIM/IVAO would work as you wouldn’t see the same model but one from your traffic matching add on/pack.

I don’t get why every topic about this issue (including the one in the bugs and issues category) is deleted or moved into the third party category. If this is an Asobo issue with complex aircraft in multiplayer we should be able to vote on this so Asobo prioritizes the issue or they have to at least say something about it.

It is a bug in the sim so it should be treated as one.

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Sure, I know that it is technically the same. Just had a little hope that the bug might not be triggered in this case (though I know it is unlikely).

Is it confirmed that it is not dependent on which livery you use?

I haven’t tested every livery but I just think its the plane in general when you load in or get close to someone who is also in the plane.

To be fair, I think there is still a lot of work to be done with MP, as it is far too flakey. I will get crashes if in a group with others using a different third party plane than me, and I don’t have that model installed. Even a modded 1st party plane will do it, like it’s a return of the liveries issue.

First comes the stuttering, then the crash. Install the plane/mod, and you get no crashes.

This seems like a variant of that, except it seems to occur specifically if you do have the plane.

This sentence makes no sense. Why should Asobo be responsible for fixing something that a third-party developer breaks, or failed to do proper testing? I think we’re all getting overly bias at this stage that whatever bug = Asobo bug that they’re incompetent and needs to be fixed and whatever third-party delivers = Godsend and flawless.

Let’s look at it at a bigger picture and diagnose the issue objectively here. Pointing fingers on who’s responsible for doing what isn’t going to help anyone. Posts are moved and deleted because the issue happens from a third-party addon. If it’s an Asobo issue, it would’ve been affecting every single aircraft available. That no matter what aircraft they use or you have, it will always CTD. But that’s not the case here. The case is if you have DC-6 installed, and other multiplayer are using DC-6 it causes CTD. So clearly, the issue is in the DC-6 itself and how it’s spawning Air Traffic. Not Asobo’s sim engine issue.

Like I said in the previous posts, based on my limited understanding (I don’t have the PMDG DC-6, so I’m not too sure). But I’ve tweaked enough to make my sim works with third-party aircraft for AI traffic.

The sim has only 2 flags in play, either it spawns as a player aircraft, or as a Traffic. Multiplayer counts as a Traffic. So this depends on how DC-6 interprets itself when used as Air Traffic. Generally speaking, AI traffic needs to have a specific FLTSIM line, as well as their own Model.cfg file. On a userSelectable aircraft, you need it to render everything, external model, interior cockpit model, instruments, avionics, everything needs to be rendered and simulated. But for Traffic, you don’t need the interior, all you need is the exterior model, that’s it.

And exterior model is treated the same way whether you fly it yourself or you see other traffic use it. If you can see your own exterior model being rendered, then the exterior model is fine, and it can be rendered as an Air Traffic as well. So the issue here might come from the Interior Cockpit and instruments. Since DC-6 is very complex in terms of cockpit and instruments, if Air Traffic in the form of multiplayer is rendering them all, then the sim will be over-processing everything, from the interior instruments, cockpit everything which could cause the CTD.

All we need to do is to apply the same method as we do for the default aircrafts. Separate UserSelectable aircraft with AirTraffic aircraft entry. The UserSelectable one will render everything, but the AirTraffic one only renders exterior model, without interior cockpit and instruments. So that should solve the CTD issue.

This is the same method I used to overhaul my Community mod folder and liveries structure for the A32NX mod to make sure I get matching aircraft and livery from my traffic both AI, Live, and Multiplayer traffic.

PMDG has always been good when it comes to flyable aircraft. But with the complexity this aircraft offers, I think it’s understandable if the multiplayer or DC-6 traffic gets overlooked in testing.

Like I said, I don’t have the DC-6 so I’m not sure how the whole mod is structured. If someone were to share it to me, I could have a look and find a way to get it to work for multiplayer. But I’m guessing by the time I find a way, PMDG would’ve found a way to make it work anyway.

In the mean time, as I said in my previous posts, I don’t think there’s a need to disable multiplayer at all, just change the traffic/graphic settings to use generic models for multiplayer, and that should stop the DC-6 to be rendered for them.


makes sense yes, now who will test that?