Disable stock offline traffic, play with custom offline traffic only

As the Community is creating flight plans for AI traffic with accurate models and liveries, we will need a way to disable the stock traffic with the generic liveries.

The current agreed way to do so is by digging in the ‘Packages/Official’ folder for ‘fs-base-ai-traffic’ and renaming the extension of ‘trafficAircraft’ to something unrecognizable. This did work. However, the new update also redownloaded this file for me, undoing my job.

We need a proper way to disable the standard traffic and only use traffic in the community folder. A simple checkbox in the traffic settings for this would be nice.

It would be nice if we could do this for General Aviation and Commercial aviation separately. (and in the future helicopters and maybe even military aircraft)

note: I filed this at the Zendesk too, but maybe somebody has ideas to extent on this. Discussion is always good. :slight_smile: I support the idea that the Zendesk database (including development status) should be linked with this forum (and bug reporting forum)

Very cool idea! I totaly agree! :wink:

I did a somewhat temp fix, I was tired of seeing hordes of general aviation at major airports especially in parking spots, so I went one by one and put a 0 for traffic use in every generic GA aircraft cfg in onestore folder and even if you select generic, some main aircraft such as TBM and C172 still need to be put at 0 for AI as well. I did however leave the generic bizjet for a little diversity, but presto! no more props or some bonanza at a terminal at LFPG etc,

It’s my understanding that an update checks differences between the update and your local version. So if you change anything in the files, it will just download these files again and replace them. The same way as a git works.

Well it survived 2 updates so far

look here https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/479