Disable windows updates while allowing store updates to work? steam users immune to these issues? steam with oxr?

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In light of the recent windows and store updates (gaming services) that have seemingly broken VR (with my g2 reverb + 3080ftw card)…

I had previously used gpedit.msc to disable windows updates, but found that if this was done then store updates wouldnt go through.

Are steam users of the sim, immune to these woes that windows app store users face?

Has anyone found a way to disable main windows updates but yet allow store updates to work (although in this case it might be gaming services that broke things).

Thanks in advance

Yes, the recent issue with Gaming Services is unique to purchasers who went through GamePass or the Microsoft Store when buying the sim.

As a Steam User, I don’t have these challenges, nor the somewhat convoluted authentication chain that involves XBox and MS-Store.

On the flip side, you only have two paths with Steam - either the next update works when Steam is done handing off your session to MS, and we get the same installer screens everyone else does, or it doesn’t. Usually, Steam users can verify integrity of files to troubleshoot a failed or corrupt game installation. In this case, Verifying Files is a last resort, as it forces a complete re-download of everything, as if it was from scratch.

GamePass/MS-Store users can use the App Interface to “Repair” the installation, which sometimes works, but can preclude downloading the whole sim again.

What one is given, the other taketh away. :slight_smile:

No, Steam only adds another layer to work through when you have issues.
Keep in mind though, that the MSFS installer quite often will not work if all Windows updates have not been applied to your device.

Thanks for the comments. Yeah i was kinda suspecting there was no way around the windows updates.

This really has me considering re-buying it via Steam at this point, which seems crazy but might cut a lot of issues i guess (i have premium on the ms store).

I’m assuming everything that works with the store version (community addons) can all be plugged into the folder structure without issue however (into the steam version location)

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I’ve only seen it mentioned a few places and now forget but with the steam version does WMR still tie into the OXR app (for windows) like it does now (with the g2 headset), i could see that being an issue if not, as I think the oxr app helps get VR working smoothly (I do have the wmr steam plugin installed though)

Took the plunge to find out, lost many hours being forced to win update and fix those issues let alone the vr / perf issues that then hit the win store version.

Provided it doesnt force you to do windows updates each update of fs, im all for it, going to test the steam one out and see how it goes. I guess as a bonus it gives me two copies that i can run in house for 2 machine VR.

You can install your MS Store purchased FS on as many devices as you want.
You can only sign into one at a time.
Steam is no different.
It will require windows updates as well.

So i tried the steam version briefly to prove if it needs “gaming services” to run, it ran/installed without GS.

However, the main windows store version of msfs also ran, so maybe a glitch.


I found a way around windows updates (you can still check for updates but if you dont they wont be forced), while allowing the store to function for updates:

GPEDIT.msc then go to
Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Internet Communication Management/Internet Communication settings

(**Turn off access to all Windows Update features = Enabled)