Disagreements wind aloft PFD & MFD

Flying in FL430, the PFD shows wind from 267/47kts , however on MFD the wind speed shows the same speed, but relative direction is wrong…

Which aircraft are you talking about? The systems there are heavily different.

If it’s a G1000 aircraft, this issue has been there since release. I highly recommend using the G1000 improvement mod from WorkingTitle which fixes this and many more issues.

I guess there are (or have been) similar bug reports in the past but they never reached popularity due to the mods that fix them.

Edit: oh sorry, FL430 wouldn’t be a G1000 aircraft :wink: but that’s why it is important to provide as many details about your issue as possible in a bug report.

Sorry missed aircraft type , Citation longitude… thanks for tips for fix (workingTitle) I will search for this …thanks again cheers…

Yup this old bug is still apparent on the TBM. I thought this was one of the things Asobo were going to fix in this updat?

Don’t get confused, there are World Updates and Sim Updates.
World Updates are mostly scenery.
Sim Updates are generally fixes and upgrades.
The turboprop logic isn’t scheduled unitl Sim Update 4, they may include this with that update.
I have also read a few posts suggesting that there may be a large upgrade to the aircraft in Sim Update 3 in March.

I noticed the same problem, and filed ticket Wind direction conflict between PFD and MFD – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com) for it.

I’m flying north, so that my track and North Up track on the MFD match, and the wind direction flags are opposed by 180 degrees.

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