Disapointed with how the G1000/3000 Update was handled

I’ll keep it short, and just let the OP know why it’s a good thing that Working Title was hired for the avionics. They created a very good working reproduction of the Collins Proline 21 FMC in the CJ4. They solved all the problems plaguing the default 1000/3000 in their custom code. Working Title also wrote their code in a modular fashion so that any dev could use it in their project. Asobo did the right thing here. Why re-invent the wheel, when you can just hire the guys that make the wheel?

Smart. Very smart on Asobo’s part. Now Asobo can focus on other areas, and not have to deal with the whole complex 1000/3000 thing. What will happen is Working Title will tell Asobo what they need from them to fix things, and add things, and Asobo will code those smaller sim hooks for them. Kinda like what Aerosoft did with the CRJ. Everytime Aerosoft hit a roadblock in the SDK, they worked with Asobo, to get a small fix, to move the project forward. In other words, Asobo will have exact things to code, and not have to waste coding effort broadly.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the H135 guys get pulled in as well as contractors, considering how much they’ve done with helicopters, in a sim that doesn’t officially support helicopters yet.


Great thread, a lot of positive stuff and it’s nice to see that there are folks that understand just how large of an undertaking this is. It is exceptionally grand to see MS and Asobo welcome very talented 3rd party developers into the product officially.


Working Title Systems are not “hired” nor work for Asobo. They are an independent development company working on the platform; first party partners.

Are they still uploading new versions of the WT mods, or do we need to wait until the official release?

Nevermind! they just released a new version 3 hours ago…

Please see the FAQ from Working Title here regarding the Partnership and what the distribution approach will be short-term.

Me too. Microsoft have promised ten years of support for this product so may be 5 to 10 years from now we might get a Garmin suit that’s useable online for IFR flights on VATSIM, Pilotedge etc. The ‘Approach flyback’ bug (where you execute your approach in the 530, 430 or G1k and the plane flies you back to the departure airport) existed since day 1, still haven’t been fixed and one of the recent feedback snapshots says they are merely starting to work on it. Meanwhile there’s never been a lack of nice and shiny POIs and world updates for our upcoming honourable and VIP Xbox users and eye-candy enthusiasts. You should clearly realise by now what their development priorities are.

MSFS 2020 (for now, and subject to change if and when Jorg changes his stance) is a video game for gamers to fly close to the POIs and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in, and that’s amazing. But for anything remotely serious when it comes to aviation and to simulate/practice real world flying procedures, my advice is to use and invest in the other actual “flight” simulator software out there that are based on FAA-approved training platforms and ecosystems.


there will be a long list of disciplines of people who work at Asobo/MS that have absolutely nothing at all to do with the G1000 etc and how it works, so moaning that ALL these people are working on other content given the G1000 etc and how it works is totally outside their remit only serves to show your ignorance.

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I honestly have very little faith that Asobo would be able to fix anything in this sim, it’s been seven months since release, and the game is in worse state now than when it was released, I’m surprised MS has not fired them already.

It will be interesting to see if WT can address the flight planning logic in the sim. It affects not only how the routes are created before flight (and hence loaded into the Nav Units), but also how the in-flight re routing logic operates when a user decides to modify the plan Enroute.

Navigraph has noted many times how the sim inserts non-existent user waypoints (even now in Post SU3) which totally undoes any real world planning techniques and takes away immersion.

Whether or not that code is something WT can access as partners is another story. Fingers crossed.


This is not Jörg’s stance nor is it any of our stance. The reality here is that the simulator is absolutely massive, on a code scale that most folks just don’t quite realize. The amount of code is easily 5x most game codebases I’ve worked with. It’s just a super huge project. The development team size, as Jörg has mentioned, is well above 100. So you have to do both. Keeping the pace of the flashier updates high keeps the lights on and keeps teams that otherwise can’t contribute to these super deep, complex avionics specific verticals productive, so that the sim can continue to be refined into what we all want it to be: the best simulation platform, period, no exceptions. That truly is the goal.

Even simple sounding things like “why is the flightplan so goofy” are inherited over decades of sim code going back to FS9 and before with tons of layers to unpeel and dozens of connected systems that all need to work together and not break (ATC, the world map, specific handling by each avionics stack, backcompat to previous APIs, etc etc).

However, there is a distinct focus on those types of issues, and specifically we at Working Title will be tackling a bunch of that category of item with the FS team over this year’s updates. The fact that we were brought on to use our expertise in these areas where it may have been lacking before is exactly evidence as to the team’s commitment.

I’m not asking you to be happy or gracious, just want to be clear as to where the team’s mind is at. This is a sim for everyone, from the person who wants to GTA their way around bridges in external view all the way to the procedures enthusiast who want to see APPR LPV show up at the exact right time during an RNAV approach. And we, specifically, will be working hard this year to deliver to the latter.



Matt - I just need G1000 v1.0 with Virtual Pathways please. :wink:

I kid, I kid. Well partly. I really do want 1.0,but I’m doing everything I can with 0.4.:v:

Hats off to the WT Team. Hoping to see the fruits of the Partnership soon!


Not quite. The WT team had to form a proper company. They are now contracted by Microsoft as a partner in MSFS. They aren’t employees of anyone. The team members work are employed by Working Title LLC. They’re an independent company under contract.

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I misunderstood then. My bad

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Thankyou for taking the time to post your detailed reply straight from the horses mouth to give some real context to some of the opinions flying around ( term of phrase, don’t actually think you’re an equine :joy:)

Not sure whether you can answer, and understand if not, but will your work be covering all the aircraft including those in the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe versions?

Use the 530 Mod, it fixes the “flyback” bug for the 530 and 430, let’s you store flightplans and has implemented amazing functionality. The same developer (a trusted 3rd party developer) is currently working a GTN 750 Mod: GTN750 Project - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Anyone who flies GNS-equipped aircraft and isn’t using this mod is doing it wrong. It’s a thing of beauty. I wouldn’t even dream of not using it.

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I don’t know yet if we’ll be targeting them specifically, but we will be bringing our Garmin improvements in, so they will at least be affected by that. That’s not a no, but I just don’t know yet.

You’ll get your 1.0 (not sure on the Virtual Pathways)! But whether or not that stuff lands in the mod or in the sim is still a bit open and dependent on dev and sim update timing.

And thanks for the kind words, all


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I was surprised to see how limited the G1000 functionality is after this many months. It is severely lacking when compared to XPlane-11 G1000. After a week playing around with MS2020, I went back to XPlane. I hope eventually MS2020 would play catch up but from the look of things, we’re talking 2022 and beyond to get such a decent upgrade to the avionics.

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Exactly, I was hoping that SU3 would bring XP-like avionics. Sounds like there is a much longer road ahead. Time will tell if partnering with Working Title was the right call…but at least some progress / effort is being made.

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