Disappearing mouse cursor disables controls - Reverb G2 [SUx]

I’ve had this problem a long time, but it’s gotten worse with SU10. I fly in VR with a Reverb G2 headset and an x-box controller for flight controls. If I am setting a control in the cockpit (like ALT in the AP) and look up or away, when I look back, the mouse cursor has disappeared. Worse still, some of my mapped controls on keyboard and controller become disabled.

When this happens, I can still have flight controls, but the virtual throttle quadrant fails to respond. Nor can I respond to ATC with the “1” key (by feel), so I usually get put in the VFR doghouse. Sometimes I can wake up the mouse by moving it or feeling for it and pressing the Windows key, moving the mouse, and hitting it again.

I was really hoping SU10 would fix this, but I think it’s actually worse. I don’t know if it’s a Reverb issue or something else. I’d love it if someone knew of a setting to toggle. The challenge with HMDs and their fresnel lenses is that you have to move your head to see something clearly and once you do that, the mouse cursor field changes. In real life, you can look at a knob, put your fingers on it, but keep looking up or at the instruments. In VR, you have to go constantly back and forth and when that results in a disappearing mouse, you’re screwed.