Disappointed in Sim Update 5

Posts like yours just baffle me.

I flew a familiar route earlier today. KPDX to KSEA and as I flew past Mt. St. Helens I was so disappointed. There is nothing out there that made me say “wow” what a great visual. The best comparison I can make is that it’s like looking at a watercolor painting vs. a well done oil. Everything is just so “washed-out” for lack of a better term. It’s sad, but I just don’t see this sim taking my breath away anymore, like it did just last week.

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And what in the world did they do to the water? It used to look so real it was actually quite amazing
I remember a few weeks ago adjusting the wind and watching the white caps get larger and actually move in the direction of the wind. It was the most realistic water I’d ever seen short of Pixar’s CGI.

NOW? I don’t know what it is… looks like plastic wrap


Yeah, I guess I’m more concerned about the feel of the flight experience itself. That is undeniably improved for me. I did not perceive scenery as being worse in any way and if anything felt more real, but that’s here in AZ.

I can see that, As much as I’m disappointed in the graphics, low level flight smoothness is actually pretty fun, just goofing around in twin-prop 200’ AGL at full speed, tree trimming, doing rolls and loops… Before doing that was quite jittery and stuttered a lot even with a i-11700K OC’d and a RTX 3090.

Also just to share. I made some adjustments in contrast and color levels using Nvidia Control Panel and it looks A LOT nicer now. Not as good as before but a major improvement. Turning down the contrast almost to 0 and reducing the green, the vibrancy and adding a little yellow made a big difference. Too much though and a black instrument panel will turn Magenta.

Just a reminder. Money is what matters to these companies. Leave your rightfully negative & angry opinions on the steam/windows/metacritic reviews as well as here.

Let’s make sure to vote here to roll back to prior patches: Give us the option to roll back patches

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Yes I noticed all this as well . Not happy . However what has happened to me is the fps . All was good but then all of a sudden my in flight fps was capped at 30 fps and will not go past that no matter what I try. Also the load up screens are capped at 60 fps. Anyone suffer the same problem .

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Did you try changing the LOD in the CFG file?

I honestly think it gave me back some detail. Clouds are a little funky still, but VFR at 10,000 is absolutely possible again after.

We’re all in the same boat brother.

All the SID charts for the Princess Juliana airport have instructions to the pilot to turn RIGHT immediately after takeoff to avoid flying into the hills and the pilot is supposed to remain in VMC conditions until after making the turn to avoid the hills. If you are manually entering your own waypoints, what would you enter for the departure from the airport?

One problem with flight plans either software created or manually entered is that there could be a flight path into a mountain. Many software flight planners don’t check for obstructions. It is a good thing to check the flight plan like you did for the correct altitude.

It does bother at times, but for me being a pilot for reals all I care about is that I am able to do procedures and tasks properly. For me you said the sim ran fine before the update and that is true, however when you look at the performance improvements, I saw a increase in FPS by 2x and way less stuttering that usual. It truly feels so smooth. The only thing I did not agree on was the change on the controls, other than that for me everything feels amazing. Yeah there is a downgrade in LOD and visual quality, but in order to get that performance gain, sacrifices need to be made.

I second this. SU5 in terms of graphic and UI was a huge downgrade for PC compare to Pre-SU5.


I also can’t appreciate flying anymore. Until the graphics have reached the level of SU4 again, I won’t touch the sim anymore. It is so sad to see something so awesome getting completely destroyed after one “update”. I hope Asobo brings back the visual quality we used to know in the next few weeks.



They took a Cleveland Steamer on our chests.

Just knock it off. If you’re “So happy with the upgrade”, then go fly. Why are you wasting your time here?

It’s not a coincidence that so many CTDs were solved with the hotfix today.

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The graphics issues with washed out scenery and cartoony clouds have been discussed ad infinitum elsewhere.

TLDR → the game was optimised for XBox and HDR Televisions. If you are not using a HDR display you are going to struggle. Probably no point complaining you will most likely just get told to “get with the programme” and likely be accused of being a recidivist using old school legacy tech and that you need to “get with the times” and start playing on a HDR TV.

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I can’t lie, I ran SU5 on my LG Oled tv and it looks absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately, it does appear a bit contrasty on my normal 4k monitor.

The only real big issue I have is how bad the imagery from 20000 ft plus now looks when you look out the window. They used super low res stuff for that. If we can get an option to render farther a way I’ll be happy. Seems like there’s like a 5 mile bubble around the plane where stuff looks really good now and outside of that it looks like FSX quality.


taxiway lights also don’t work when you get closer to them. Odd choices all around to improve optimization

i keep getting this while nothing is downloading in the background …

Asobo absolutely just degraded the sim for pc users and give some distraction with water and landing effects, but the principal purpose was to launch it for Xbox and optimize it for them.