Disappointed in Sim Update 5

Err, panning around fast is what you’re supposed to do when really flying for situational awareness. Also, somewhat pointless if not able to pan around fast in VR.


VR works just fine, rapid panning and looking around all work.

Yep the clouds are absolute TRASH now with the green and magenta tinting and the banding. But hey, I got a 60% or more FPS boost in the 787 cockpit so I guess that makes it all good right? Oh, wait, nope. Come on Asobo this is ridiculous.


My concern is, looking at some of the comments and screenshots posted on the forum, have they really decreased the graphical quality of the game, especially the clouds, for the PC, in order to make the game run smoother on console? If so, what is the point of having graphical options if they don’t do a ■■■■ thing. I made an account just to ask this question, because I would be extremely annoyed if this turns out to be true.


Seems like it may be system specific as I’m getting zero pop in, higher frame rates and not really any noticeable reduction in visual quality (in fact better as I can comfortably set VR settings to Ultra and get solid 30 fps). My system is noy really a beast, but relatively top end, 3080, i9 10850, 32GB ram. Seems I’m mostly CPU bound but getting pretty high utilisation of both CPU/GPU all of the time.


Not here it doesn’t

Are people getting pop-in running on HD and not SSD, could be factor.

My CPU is a ryzen 5 3400g. I’ve used the developer mode to check the FPS and before the update both my cpu and gpu numbers were around 25-30 at Heathrow with FPS of around 20-25. Since the update the number by the GPU is now 1-2 which is great but the CPU number is 40-45 which obviously isn’t great. I thought this update was meant to improve the CPU mainly. Just wondering if anything I’ve not done right

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Removed this post.


JOJOE45; Please don’t ever dismiss people in the way you did. Users are expressing their experiences thus far. There is clearly a lot of fustration out there and that needs to be voiced and seen. Telling them to go and play some other Sim isn’t a worthwhile contribution. Please keep it nice. If for you this update was a success then say so.


I wonder if the low rez ground textures are because the servers are hammered today and can’t stream better rez.

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I am very disappointed with the pop ins. I fly in VR and when I look out the left window to do my base turn, I get scenery/tree pop in in in the middle distance after about 1 second. I look ahead, pop in again after 1 second. I check left again, pop in. I look ahead… It totally spoils the immersion and makes me want to avoid looking at the beautiful scenery, as I know doing that will make the pop in even more drastic.

This didn’t happen before. I am running high/ultra settings with LODs at 200 with a 10850k and 3090, 32gb RAM, NVME SSD. I love the sim and spent a lot of money on the hardware to enjoy it to its fullest potential, this is currently an enforced downgrade.

Please let us have the option to disable or adjust this scenery pop in/out LOD! Thank you


This is what bothers me the most. They basically lied.


This is my only issue so far with the update


i just flew 2 half hor legs after restoring legacy controller input (by hand).
apart from the white dot (which cannot be disabled), the screen highlights (also cannot be disabled) and the new tooltips (i disabed them completely) i am very happy with this update.

We do not downgrade, we do not downgrade…


Exactly. Some people should take a chill pill.


Yeah, exactly - I mean, it’s only been out a year now


Yes but when they said it we thought they meant higher than the old Ultra :stuck_out_tongue: