Disappointed in Sim Update 5

For clarity, the file isn’t named “user.cfg.” It’s UserCfg.OPT."

Here: Please Open A Communication Channel - #8 by Jummivana
and here: Why the silence MS and Asobo? - #171 by Jummivana

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Those aren’t answers, they are vague promises of some future communication without even a date. If they wanted to simmer people down they should put something in News and Announcements even if it’s just a comment saying a full communication is coming and specify the date. You’d think there is a PR person somewhere in the org, wouldn’t you?


Thanks. Well, now it’s wait and see what’s next.

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Seeing the last screenshot brings pain


Thanks for this, sorry for delay in replying. I installed X-Plane 11 HD Mesh Scenery v4 and that helped a lot, but I will check out your suggestions as well - much appreciated. I am keen to check out ORTHO tool.

Did same on my Linux.

duplicate post… sorry

I see this EVERYWHERE. What the hell is that artifact. Oh, and If you hit it with floats you’ll crash too. Ridiculous

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And NO water rudders to avoid them! I’m going back to Microsoft Flight…


And it takes YEARS of development to get a flight sim “right”, if at all. There’s always been some compromise if you look at the history of flight sims (most don’t make it through their planned life cycle and some drag on because there’s nothing else there).
Every major/drastic change or update will have it’s issues due to the complex nature of a sim. Especially one such as MS2020 with it’s groundbreaking implementations of technology in current gen sim. If you’ve been in the flight sim community for as long as I have, we’ve never had anything come anywhere close to the visual fidelity of MS2020 that we’re taking for granted today.
Modeling the entire world on the fly with satellite imagery? who woulda even thunk it just a few years ago but here we are. But apparently, others are not so easily impressed.

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you might like this. Microsoft Flight Unofficial Website · GitHub

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To be fair, the game looked amazing and worked pretty good not so long ago. Now we have have multiple graphics downgrades and crashing issues again. So yea people are understandably ■■■■■■ off.


Never achieving greatness because of financial or technical limitations is understandable. But achieving greatness then reverting to something mediocre is very very sad.

Asobo spent years fine tuning the graphics, the details, the feel of the simulator to make it the piece of art it was. Then they got tasked to make it run in Ultra on a $300 console. I don’t care how good you are, something has got to give. In our case, a lot gave.


depend on your vision or greatness. they made millions off the sale of the sim (and consoles). I guess some could say that’s great (cough cough, microsoft, cough).

not to say I dont agree with you. SU5 has been terrible. I had SU4 on high, but now even ultra doesnt look as good on SU5.


Keep in mind the images uploaded here are better quality than in the game The screenshots you take in game get compressed massively hiding a lot of the imperfections or making them seem not as bad. Then it also gets compressed when you upload it here.

I actually was against all the complains but after today and having a good 8 hours flying session, this update is pretty bad.

This is all on Ultra highest settings top of the range PC 3080.

Clouds are… terrible now.


This mountain i fly over often used to have lots of terrain and trees.


I have shares in Microsoft so I want them to make money, I also don’t want them to keep downgrading ■■■■ either. It’s gets to the point where people won’t enjoying playing anymore and wont look forward to updates.


This game is still unplayable.
Very very ugly video, very very.
So bad, so dead.
Easily unplayable.


They just care about money.

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And a $3,000 large screen 4k VRR television/monitor.