So i must say this game / simulator clearly feels rushed, Stutters, bugs etc. on top of that not a single plane has liveries beside the default livery.

The whole game as i feared when i heard the release date was basically just rushed and is not on par to what i am used with with Microsoft products basically

Sorry but just have to say it right out that i am disappointed. sadly also expected


It is kind of funny. I’ve seen that kind of comment for pretty much every bit of software ever since the 1980s. History sure does repeat itself. Ad nauseam!

Smooth as silk for me on what is now a mid range rig. Sure there are bugs, there always will be as there are in every bit of software ever, but so minor (so far) it is amazing.

Saying performance is bad without saying anything at all about your settings or hardware is a bit pointless though.


It’s the beginning of a journey, and an epic one at that.


core i9 7960x
32gb ddr4

Samsung Pro 960 SSD
gigabit internet

and really not pointed at you … its pointed at the Devs.

And no Microsofts Age of empire games or halo did run pretty well with basically no bugs at all.

There is a certaint level of quality for a product that cost 200 USD that you expect.

They talked about liveries that are completely missing in the game. That means simple features are still missing … there is some other stuff i also cant talk about because of the NDA

So yea

This again ? bugs, sutters on release, ring a bell ? No MSFS before had it really ?
Just don’t understand whats really the point anymore with this kind of post.
We all know bugs are being worked, relax and enjoy a next gen FS.


Is that so important right now, the liveries ??


If they said they would be there at release? Hell yeah there is a problem. This is a $150 title. IT MUST BE RIGHT.


I’d be so bold to say that this isn’t a “game” per se, in that it will continually be updated as it “grows.” The devs mentioned in many interviews that there will be bing maps updates monthly, (or every 28 days) and other aerodynamic and user experience updates every other month. I guess my point is that this isn’t a “kicked out the door and see you never” product, which I think is probably going to take some folks by surprise. What will really make or break it, is if MS and Asobo drop the ball on all the features that they have stated that they will be adding, and the fact that they claim it will be a decade of updates and support.

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no but something i could mention. one of the point i expected to be there after they talked about how they got licenses for those

Never had a stutter in the sim, so it’s something on your end.


I did positive criticism. I could talk about pitch oscilations in most aircrafts if you want something really more important than liveries. Every title at launch have bugs and this will be no exception. They are working at it.
Now, higher quality ? like what , MS Flight ? THAT is dissapointment, not this.


They talked about liveries for the AI-traffic as far as I remember. Have people checked to see if many are present? And, since they didn’t mention which ones would be present at launch, one might have to look around a bit.

I could be wrong though… but since they said that they had been in contact with “literally every airline”, one can assume AI. Otherwise it would only be the ones with A320, B747 and B787 in their fleet.

I thought this was “flight simulator” not “livery simulator”! That is a joke but it tries to put things into perspective. Clearly many people had different expectations for the initial release. That’s not a surprise and I do feel a bit sorry for those whose focus wasn’t the flying.

But, for a title called “flight simulator” I expect flying to be the main focus and stuff that makes no difference at all to the flying experience to take a much lower priority. I know that doesn’t make anyone feel better, but surely you can understand the reasoning? For me I am missing metric for pressure altitude and fuel. As annoying as that is it is also fairly understandable, dev resources are finite. As long as it comes, hopefully in the not too distant future.

If this release is a big success then maybe Asobo can hire an extra artist or two to move liveries along quicker.

Now, not having my main airport show up. That would upset me, it is hard to land at a home airport that doesn’t exist! I know you said it is reported but because they have asked us to report missing airports (obviously they have the capacity to look at this more now) then make sure you add it to Zendesk.

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If you give your opinions you should be ready to receive critics about them also. No fanboy needed for that.
Point is, pick a any FS at release. If you want, you will always find things to be dissapointed about. Want to talk about other FSs at launch ?
But realizing what you have at hands (next-gen MSFS platform with 3rd partys in mind) instead of a true dissapointment like was Flight or FS World, should (imho) make us a little more patient about bugs, performance, missing features,etc.

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Oh wow! That is unfortunate, and certainly not good. I remember seeing time and time again their mention of “over 37,000 airports - ALL the airports of the world”. If they have missed a pretty big airport such as Stuttgart, what else have they missed? My local airport is - KCPK, a really, really small regional airport and I’d be crushed if it is not in there - it’s a boldfaced lie as well, at a minimum. Don’t say it and announce it over and over again if it’s not true. Kind of misleading advertising, for sure.

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Ok, Lets see. Useful topic:

Having Performance Issues Need help.

Hey guys just downloaded the new sim. Having some unsuspected performance issues. I am getting some stutters and low FPS. Video here>>

My specs are here>>>

I have updated my GPU drivers to this>>>
Also all my other drivers are updated to this>>>

I have it installed on my >>>drive.
I am currently running these other apps at the same time/ or not at all here>>>

Here is a pic of my resource monitor at the time here>>>>

Also I am experiencing these bug here>>>>

Any help would be greatly appreciated from the really helpful FREAKING FLIGHT SIM COMMUNITY!!

Just Saying Bruh.


I want to remind everyone that the Non-Disclosure Agreement for all previous test builds is still in effect.

That means you cannot publish images, videos, or otherwise, discuss information about the previous alpha and beta builds.


It is definitely a product targeted at gamers more than simmers.
If not it wouldn’t be available on Xbox.
Have to agree with the original poster it is a disappointment for the price.
Feels like I’m paying a lot up front to go on the “long” journey many are speaking of.
It definitely needs a lot more polish and not just a little every other month.

Your point that they are going to keep working on it doesn’t imply much unless you are on the team and know the road map. I’m neutral on expecting much of anything in the future. Time will tell. They have done this in the past with other products and suddenly just dropped out.

This is not true and have been stated several time, it’s just a total new platform, gamer would never had any FSUIPC7 https://forum.simflight.com/topic/90193-fsuipc7-beta-for-msfs/ , well know 3rd party and SDK and so on. The sim will be not available on xbox before years.


They are also waiting for licenses to be signed off for the liveries