Disappointing Updates

Hey there,
I have really poor Performance issues especially at ground at the airports. It doesn’t matter which airport I use (payware or default) the performance issues (extreme stuttering) appear either way. Which makes the game for me not playable. The stuttering first appeared after the new WU6 and the following hotfix.

I literally tried everything to solve the problem. I deleted all mods and 3rd Party content. I reinstalled the game. Searched the forum, which came up with nothing, except that I am not the only one with that issue. So please tell me what I can do?
Honestly I am really ■■■■■■, because this is what happens after every update, a bug or issue or whatever appears so that the game is almost not playable. It’s really annoying for the money that I paid.

I have to add the following because I am extremely disappointed in the development of MSFS2020;
First, I was really happy and excited when the announcement were made of the new MSFS. I bought it cause I am a huge aviation fan and always had a Flighsimulator (FS2004/FSX). I even bought myself a new PC just so that I can play MSFS2020.
Huge probs about the graphics in general, it’s outstanding and really nice, but still I am really disappointed.

It’s not only that after every update (WU or SU) there are new bugs and performance issues, it is also that the Flightsimulator in general is absolutely not what I expected from Microsoft/Asobo. We (the customers) pay a lot of money for it to get a semi-finished product. That’s ridiculous.

Just to come up with some examples;
…the AI-Traffic is absolutely disappointing. Even FS2004 AI-Traffic was way better than this ■■■■. That absolutely destroys the gaming experience. We want a good Airport experience…(real AI-Traffic, like in real live the airlines at the assigned terminals etc.)

…secondly the ground services…sorry but that is a joke. It’s just ridiculously bad and just a joke. That’s not even real. It’s just a joke. Really disappointing.

…third…there are cars… on the taxiway? Really?

Fourth…please develop a proper ATC. It’s just weird how it is. It’s really disappointing.

…I know that all of this is in the forum, but I wanna make a point here. That’s all really annoying and is absolutely crashing the gaming experience to worse. A joke. We pay a lot of money for something that is clearly not finally developed.
I know that there are a lot of issues but these are just some aspects that worsen my gaming experience, that at this stage, I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Honestly I am kind of regretting it that I bought it, because every time I play it I am wondering about the poor development and getting a bit angry about it so that I absolutely do not enjoy playing it.
Just an advice, maybe, think about it or not. Instead of pulling out World-Updates or something like that, it might be better for the customer experience to build a 100% working and adjusting Flight Simulator. And only when that is finished you can pull out World-Updates, let’s say as an pleasant surprise and experience.

I don’t know who is reading this, and I don’t know wether you read it until the end. But it’s not meant to anyone in person. I don’t want to attack an specific person. I just want to let you know that I am really disappointed and I really hope I will have a great gaming experience soon.

Kind regards

Pascal S.


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