I am a real-world pilot in Cornwall, United Kingdom, and an enthusiastic simmer. Today 30th Sept when flying over this beautiful English County, Skyscrapers everywhere.
I would be surprised if any building in Cornwall is over four floors.
Please can someone, anyone sort this out. If it was not so disappointing it would be laughble.
Help, help, please

Hi, I have not flown around Cornwall since the update. It didn’t have tall buildings a few weeks ago and I can only assume that this is a recent issue that hopefully will be fixed in future patch. My area in Lincolnshire has good and bad scenery - driven by the quality of Bing images and the AI.

Thanks for your reply.
Generally the scenery before this latest update was okay…not as hoped but acceptable in Cornwall.
I had thought the updates would concentrate on improvements of the existing sim, rather than adding new stuff.