I’m really disappointed at MSFS2020: sceneries are totally out of reality (Rio’s Copacabana couldn’t be more off and DC’s Washington monument, a black stick, is unacceptable). Not to talk about the default airplanes. Hope we can have a patch soon correcting these problems and third-party “real” aircraft!. It is such a wonderful simulator, it can’t have such flaws…


your complaining in the wrong area of the forum.


Sorry…what’s the right one?

Well, there really isn’t a correct forum to complain in because the only folks who read this forum are other users. So complaining is just a pity party. If you want the devs to hear of your problems and maybe fix them, send reports to Zendesk. There’s a link for that at to top of this forum page. I’d recommend making multiple reports because you’re complaining about both scenery and airplanes.


You will need to chat with The US Department of Homeland Security as to why they don’t have the nations capital to a 1:1 3D model that you’re after. Sorry MSFS didn’t live up to your expectations.

Sarcasm aside: the OP has a good point. MSFS 2020 isn’t a direct facsimile of reality. It’s just too inaccurate - the procedural nature of its scenery creation sees to that. I’ve visited many places in this sim that I’m familiar with IRL and MSFS 2020 renders, at best, a semi-convincing and vague similarity to reality.

If the OP is disappointed that what this sim delivers is not a true 1:1 recreation of real life, I sympathise. I feel the same way. But I have to admit it was naïve of me to imagine this sim could ever manage that. My expectations have been accordingly managed.

I think it would have been better received if Microsoft hadn’t been hyping up and promising the world and all the different features that are either underwhelming or completely broken. On top of that their communication and acknowledgement of the problems has been sad to say the least. Ive been enjoying it as much as I can for VFR but at some point I’ll want to go back to flying heavies in IFR.

Nah, it’s not that bad! Like what are you comparing it with, real life? That’s unfair.

Of course… don’t you have real weather, real airplanes. You aim too low.