Disbale End Flight Screen after Engine shut down

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is there a way to disable the End flight screen popping up after engine shutdown? It’s super annoying when i just want to shutdown to simulate refueling and this thing pops up.

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It doesn’t even pop up half the time here. Am I logging those hours? Who knows.

I think you log the hour once you landed and reduce your speed to a certain threshold. You can see the spinning icon in the corner.

When this happens, just hit the ‘Continue’ button, and it will pop you straight back in. How else would we be able to end our flights?

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“Continue” will allow you to continue flying, unsurprisingly, but unfortunately it will also ensure that that last flight will not be logged in your logbook. Returning to Main Menu is the only way if you trigger that pop up screen.

i know that. but i dont want to click it. i just want that thing to not appear at all. it’s annoying


One way to avoid is is to not shutdown the avionics when you complete your flight. In GA at least, simply cutting the fuel supply off, and flipping the avionics switch will trigger it, but only if in a parking spot, for me at least.

I suspect the reality is that somewhere in an airstrip/airports design there are designated areas that do this, and others which do not.

Avoid those, and you won’t get that pop up.

I can’t vote for this as currently it is the only way of correctly logging your flights.

yeah and there is the problem. im kind of trying to keep it as real as possible. which means. plane out of hanger. taxi to refuel station. shutdown with everything like in real world. menu pops up. (i don’t want that). i’m not looking for a workaround by avoiding to do something. i just want that thing off!
no workaround no nothing…

for that logging thing. instead of that pop up. they caan implement it with pressing esc eg. what do you need that logging thing for anyway. if you want to log you do it by hand like in real life. anad there’s software for that which is way more usable than this stupid fs2020 logbook.
I don’t even get why they’ve implemented a sort of rank mode in there.
(and as a addition. that log doesn’t work with the longitude and crj anyway)


There’s the rub. You want it gone, I don’t as I want the sim to log my flights. Not everyone will be kept happy.

@Jaesr, I fully agree with you. After the great experience of a low & slow GA flight over some beautiful scenery, sometimes wrestling with unfavorable weather conditions and finally a near-perfect landing, then taxing to parking and starting the proper shutdown procedures, the screen popping up really spoils the experience like a bucket of ice-cold water in the face.

It will nice (and only fair) if MSFS caters for those of us who would like to enjoy it as a simulator. Unfortunately the lack of an option to disable some of the game-like features just spoil the experience and will hopefully be addressed in future. On the plus side, this sim is still in its infancy stages and as with any complex piece of software constant work and improvements eventually end up satisfying the needs of most users. Let’s hope…


Does somebody know how I can do that in the A32NX?

Sorry, are you asking how you “don’t” shut down the A32NX?

I asked how I can avoid the end flight screen when shutting down the A32NX. There are no avionics switches. The end of flight screen appears every time when setting the parking brake and shutting down both engines. The parking position has no influence on it.

It would be nice to have it a least wait for the props to stop spinning, so we could enjoy a proper shutdown.

Hi Everyone.

I am going to close this topic and ask you to vote for this topic: Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure.

I am doing this for two reasons:

  1. The issue in this topic seems more fitting for a feature request than a bug report. While I don’t have official confirmation, I believe the end of the flight screen is popping up when it is by design which means this wouldn’t be a bug.

    However, it is an issue that understandably annoys users, and therefore an option to disable it or move it behind something like the FSX ESC -> End Flight button would be a feature request.

  2. There is an existing topic (linked above) with more votes in #self-service:wishlist. Having more than one topic causes the potential votes to get split, and can make it harder for both topics to rise up the “top votes” list. It also splits the discussion and can make it harder for people to find information.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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