Disc Version Install Questions

Finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in MS2020. I have purchased the 10 disc version and will be installing on W10. Firstly regarding install.

  1. Should you install to a new folder on say C/D/E drive - Eg. C: MSFS2020. This drive on my pc is 2TB with about 1.2TB free space.
  2. After entering code supplied with version, will the further game download default to program folders, or can you redirect to the above folder?
  3. Have started an XBOX account. How do I link new download of MS2020 to it?
  4. What exactly does the 10 disc install when the next download after is 100gb+?

Thanks & Regards


Hello @FaintGem6752777,
I would install to the drive you have the most free space on.

When you activate your code from the DVD, it turns it into a digital license tied to your MS/Xbox account.

If you ever reinstall, MSFS will be found in the MS Store app (or Xbox app) - you shouldn’t need the DVD for this as long as your MS Store/Xbox app is signed into your account.

However, I do believe you still need disc 1 in the drive to play MSFS - but I’m not sure if that has changed. Maybe others who have the DVD version would know.

Has not changed … I do not understand, why, as the sim runs only with an active Xbox Account, that has the license.

It might be possible though, to create and ISO File from your original Disk 1, and mount that instead of inserting the physical disc before starting MSFS.