Disconnection issue due to changing internet IPv4 address?

is it could be cause of disconnection? i didn’t check it yet during day, i will tomorrow, if my ip stay same while one session, but is it possible if ip changing have this problem? i use only ip4 net protocol, all another unchecked, don’t use dhcp in the net settings, manual local ip, netbios priority disabled, and google dns. so simple as i love. but i don’t sure about my internet ip stay same before next pc start
p.s. forgot mention problem as it’s obviously disconnect when i fly
p.s. thank you for changing post to better understandable :slight_smile:

Hello @ContrivedTea675 .

I am not sure if a changing ip can cause issues, as I do not know how MSFS handles communication. If I understood correctly, you suffer from MSFS disconnection issues while flying probably noticed by a red banner that tells you that there is an internet issue?

What is you available internet speed and I assume you do not have a data limit?
I don’t know how your countries internet provider handles it, but in my country, the assigned IP does not change often and when it does, it would do probably between 2-4 o’clock. In my experience, such events or other issues should be logged by your router. Checking the log should be easier and more accurate for diagnostics than waiting for the problem and seeing if the ip changed.

in the modem log too many info :slight_smile: yes, but not red popup, this one i see very rare, but this is no matter, i see gray one with option “ok” and “switch online services to off” not literally, then green about success connection(1-5 seconds)… but i will look modem log again even if i sure is no disconnections from my side :slight_smile:

i check that yesterday, same ip all day, and again disconnect one after another above israel, i notice is most disconnected place in the simulator