Discord Content Creations approval

first off i know they do this on there own time

so 4 months ago i filled out the forum to start posting i waited 3 weeks to find out they stopped checking applications and i would have to redo it when they say to do it again…

a month pass and they fail to post that we can do it again i had to ask a admin so i fill out the forum again after he said to it its now been a month and a half every 2 weeks i ask the admins if mine been checked and they say the samething each time your application has not been checked yet mean awhile the discord says it takes 2 weeks to hear back… P.s i sent 6 links from my channel

Hi @gopensgo291
I understand your frustration and agree with you, our approval process is definitely too long and needs to be shortened. I wasnt aware that you had asked every 2 weeks with the team and its not reasonable that you should have to ask every time.

We are 4 administrators handling this process, going through each application, watching the content and evaluating each channel (Youtube or Twitch) to make sure that small content creators also get a chance to highlight their work in our #content-creators discord channel. As volunteers, we do our best to help grow the flight sim community and keep it inclusive and open to everyone during our free time outside of work.
Modification have also been listed out to speed up this process and will hopefully be out soon.

I will personally go through the application this afternoon to sort this out.

MSFS Discord Admin


Thank you so much

There’s a possibility there could be 2 applications I was hacked and the hacker hidden all of my videos when I got everything back I asked a admin to see if I should do it again and they said yes

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Did it get disapproved?

A DM was sent to approved applicants and were given the role. If you did not get a DM from me on discord, then your application was not successful.
The application link will always remain open

i sent you a dm on discord

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