Discrepancy between size when delete and install in content manager

Here you can see there is quite a large discrepancy in file sizes in the content manager between when I want to delete something or install it.

For example, when I want to delete EHAM is says the size is 31.97 MB, but then if I download it again, it says it will be 164.04 MB on disk. So why this difference? If I keep deleting and reinstalling will it eventually eat all of my drive?

Same but slightly different with LOWI, delete, 15.26 MB I get back of my drive, but if I install it again it requires 30.51 MB disk space - why?

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I’m no expert on this, but I believe I’ve read that that the difference is space that is used during the installation.

That’s quite a big difference, but I see this all the time.

The simplest explanation is the encrypted archives we download are compressed. Effectively lots of little files all compressed into one file, or several larger ones comprising a multi-part archive.

Some files will compress more than others, and text files nearly always compress extremely well.

For example, I just downloaded an update to a plane. The ZIP file contains the EXE installer, and some other files.

The ZIP is 1,679,143,921 bytes
The EXE is 1,678,704,108 bytes
The extracted copy of the plane is 6,083,021,613 bytes

If you are going to distribute large folder structures, it almost always pays to transfer the archives over the wire, not the individual files.

Find the locations in explorer and see how much space they’re actually using.

I always assumed one is the download size (compressed), the other is how much it ends up taking on disk (uncompressed).
I agree the UI (as in many other places) is confusing. I have high hopes for MSFS 2024.