[Discussion] AIRAC NavData Hotfix is Available! 22 April

Contact the developers and let them know:

Hey @Hester40MT. It is nice to know we have a place to “complane” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but in my experience, it doesn’t make a difference.
I have submitted several bug reports since the original release and none have been fixed. They were marked as fixed but that was a way of saying we “acknowledge receipt” of the bug. Good luck.

My impression from the April 13th Developer’s Q&A
it appears that the focus is on “voted” bugs in the tracking of this forum and not those that we take our time to submit the bug with specific details, videos and instructions to reproduce.



Still waiting for the fixed regarding the throttles and spoilers :unamused:

I have the same problem. And it loads at a speed that it takes two days. Can I then send the bill to asobo or MS for power and wear from the PC…
It kotz me on the last two update ran with me every time so… Good work… A solution is not presented either. Merely appease or it’s the PC… Maybe it is also due to the incompetence of the programmers???

So the new Airac cycle update working out OK for folks? I mean, that’s what the hotfix was about right along with the water mask?

Startup, udate … 170MB, gets stuck, restart, update 35GB


Was tweaking just before, MSFS works great now.

I have the Steam version of MSFS 2020. I started MSFS 2020, the program asked for “Download okay?”, I clicked okay, everything worked. I think Steam knows how to do the job.

This update never completes. It keeps reinstalling fs-base-0.1.156 over and over again.

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It is all to confuse the martians.

Why make it good and simple if you can make it bad and mysterious? I too have learned: “every delivery to the customer needs a unique version number”.

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I assume he was being sarcastic as that is just water that is covering terrain that shouldn’t be underwater.

The Game version (which is updated via Windows Store or Steam) did not change since there was no update for it.
The downloaded packages changed in their own version (each package has it’s own) but you don’t see each package’s version number in release notes since that’s not of importance.
You can see the package versions in the content the content manager.

Don’t always assume your simple view on a piece of software always applies to other architectures. It doesn’t.


There is a standard methodology in design and engineering. Each company has the right to use their own interpretation of those standards. I am not assuming anything, just voicing my opinion.

20+ years of experience in engineering carries zero weight in a forum like this.

“The Sky is Calling”. Leave us dorks alone.

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Seem to have a serious case of agreement, on this one!

By the way, today’s 22 April update consisting of about 127MB installed without any issues.

I don’t think they ever updated the 4th digit in the version number. So I believe it is only for internal use?

Also there is no official universal one and only correct way of doing version numbers. As long as you remain consistent within the project everything is fine.

So, this should either have been, or if they want to keep it as .8 and the fourth digit is for internal use and you want to maintain the current version number structure, it could be 1.15.8a.0. Where the letter indicates a change in data (AIRAC cycle or watermasks), but no changes/fixes/new features in code.

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i’m starting to lose patience, every update to this game is complete ■■■■

Nothing to do with Steam, since this update was from the launcher only. Literally zero difference between Steam and MS Store versions on this one.

Steam only handles updates to the launcher (just like MS Store does), everything from there runs from the MSFS launcher.

Typically, if I startup the Store verion of the sim, it tells me I need the store update first. A few times, but not every time, the sim keeps running while the store updates and then just continues the sim update process correctly. If any of that makes any sense, I be suprised!:slight_smile:

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I have been starting the sim from a desktop icon that points to the app. I may consider starting from the store now.

Thanks for the idea!

I’m happy to see a ticket was opened with zendesk about this. This update/hotfix/? has created some problems. After the sim updated it took forever to load. Then when I could finally set up a short VFR flight THAT took forever to load. In fact - it never finished loading. The ‘loading bar’ indicator took forever to fill and when it finally did -it just stayed there - music playing, ticker tape rolling, but no finish. I finally had to manually end task - restart the PC - restart the sim and again a much longer sim loading time followed by a much longer flight loading time, but this time it did load. However - something is wrong with aircraft elevator trim. Aircraft seem to be loading with full nose-down trim. 5 flights attempted and all with the same result. I cannot feed in enough nose-up trim and when it is maxed out the aircraft needs so much up elevator full stick deflection that it stalls. C172, L-19, C152, all with the same result. Controls settings are unchanged and the joystick calibration is OK.
What, The, Hell ?

Same same. It seemed to get stuck at 2/4. :frowning: