Discussion: January 7th, 2021 Development Update

Please elaborate with detail why you decided to post a comment like that. We really want to help you.

because of issues with KIAD. I was also sad like him when Aerosoft postponed CRJ release

Can someone please list the 15 available aircraft? I am not aware of these 15 titles.
The 7 in the store now are not really new.
Also a list of the 60 something announced ones would be nice.
So we can plan our purchases… :slight_smile:

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I solved installing the new nvidea drivers, not it says to install again version

as @EvidencePlz said I’m sad about the postponed release of KIAD… And yes for the CRJ too :wink: but that was another thread


It’s an Navdata update

Any update on Official Liveries from Microsoft/Asobo? I understand liveries have already been packaged but there are so many of them from different publishers.

I am really hoping we get a update soon about it.

Good news!
Can you inform me if the flybywire Airbus A32NX most recent version was damaged by this update?

i am using 0.51 stable version and its fine - sometimes throws NNAV TCAS FAULT on APU shutdown once ENG2&1 are stable but recycling the power seems to fix it…

Yes awesome that it gives the release notes for the previous sim update 2 with the navdata update, nobody has a clue what the F… it is downloading all the time, whether it is an update, hot fix or nav data update. Asobo really should revise their update system, the naming scheme doesn’t make any sense, we have seen updates every 2 weeks but we are now at sim update 2, its so confusing. They are French but this looks like proper British overengineering “why make things simple if we can make them complicated”. The title “Welcome, set your experience” every update is very amusing.

Also it started to download the 25 gb fs-base files again, I have one modified fs-base file so it might be my fault (although last few updates were painless), but in my case it ended up in a loop again downloading the 25 gb and then starting over. It could change starting up MSFS for a short flight into hours of downloading and frustration. We should be able to delay a couple of days or at the very least it should be a solid update system and not being such a massive pain in the behind…


Microsoft and Asobo revised their update names a while ago. While everything used to be named “Update X” where X was an ever increasing integer. They now use the following:

  • World Update X
    These should be self explanatory, World Update 1 was Japan, World Update 2 USA, and the future World Update 3 is UK/Britain

  • Sim Update X
    Major feature udates within the simulator. The most recent update “Sim Update 2” was the VR update. Jorg and Seb mentioned during the last Q and A what Sim Update 3 would be. I can’t remember exactly but it was either ATC or Airliner improvements

There will also be DLC at some point, but I don’t know how those will be titled yet as the first one hasn’t arrived.


I’ll ask bout the node based particle system early next week when I speak with them next. Thanks for bringing this up!


Hello everyone,

my first and last experience after this little update is that the sim is no longer running. As soon as I want to change the aircraft in the map menu, there are CTD’s. It was never a shame before. Have restarted 5 times now, always the same.

Thank you for following up !

Is there a date for Sim Update 3? Not the UK update but the regular sim update that includes G1000/Autopilot fixes etc?

here it is…


Development Roadmap - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Is anyone experience CTD after update ?
Its strange but it’s only when i fly over North America.
Over Canada is ok, Europe ok , Australia and Africa ok.
I try 3 flights today all of them CTD . My 2 first attempt was from CYUL to KFLL with C680, crash 2 times over Albany VOR.
The other 2 attempt was from KLIT to KDCA with Beech King Air 350i and CTD north Memphys City.
I couldn’t finish any flight in NA.
I didn’t use any mods except payware Weather engine i all the attempt.
Yesterday i flow over Europe, Africa and Australia and was ok.
Any sugestion ?


I’ll be interested in knowing what payware third party stuff you have bought and installed from the marketplace before doing the CTD flights. The payware weather engine might also be another suspect.

okay stop using that weather engine and fly the same routes again to see if CTD happens again.

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No payware and free addons or mods. Only payware weather engine.
I didn’t bought yet any product on the marketplace.


Usually means 3rd party aircraft mod, instrument mod, or livery issues.