Discussion: March 18th, 2021 Development Update

Would you rather have developers spend time fixing the bugs or pleasing your mind by giving you every intricate detail of what they’re doing every day?

Keeping the community engaged with what’s going on is a luxury we are granted. They could simply close the door and continue without us. Which I’d rather have than the way this forum is heading - its worse than the stock market!


Excessive icing is marked as “Off option”. Does that mean we will have to choose between excessive icing or no icing? I.e. there is going to be no attempt to implement realistic icing?

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Regarding ATC “Matches FAA”. Does that mean that you now have an FAA version and are working on an ICAO version, or does it mean there will be only an FAA version?

Totally agreed!

MSFS has a much more transparent and informative dev communication than any other flight sim! I really appreciate that they listen to feedback and the improvement in this week’s feedback snapshot is a good example of that.

Naturally, as with everything, there are always room for improvement, but these weekly updates and the Q&A sessions are much appreciated!

This is also good news that I hope people noticed:
“We have expanded our SDK Team this week by adding a new tech QA and an engine programmer. They will help provide more features, bug fixes, and direct technical support.” :slight_smile:


I guess they will continue working on it and the OFF option is a temporary solution. I’m flying in icing conditions almost daily in real life (on a suitably equipped aircraft), I’m fine with no icing effect at all. No icing effect at all is pretty close to reality, 99% of the flight time in icing conditions there might be a little bit of ice building up on the leading edges which is easily shed by de-icing boots, its a non-event. Visually there hardly is any ice on the rest of the airframe ever.


I really hope they are working on ICAO phraseology as most of the world is pretty close to ICAO standard, hPa instead of inHg and correct transition altitudes. If not I hope they at least added options to the ATC system which makes it possible to tweak it ourselves to represent ICAO phraseology, I did that already in my mod (below), but there are too much limitations and missing features to make it 100% correct.

I added some Eurocontrol recommendations so its representing EU phraseology but the differences from standard ICAO phraseology are really minor.

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Capt it’s a community driven voting system :wink: I mean unless the moderators interveen then if a topic gets enough votes it’s going to appear in the charts. Kind of reminds me when Ed Sheeran had 16 songs in the UK top 20 :joy: sick!

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I think quite a lot of us are frustrated but this is by no means a reflection on yourselves as moderators, at least for my part.

I for one appreciate the feedback you are giving and also the opportunity you are giving us to air our views without shutting down a load of critical threads which seems to be the way some other forums react. Well done :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks from me at least :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I agree but it’s all in the Q&A streams which are great and getting better :wink: - outside of which is just bite size snippets. The partner series and discovery series are good but they feel like a product of marketing instead of a traditional dev diary which is the one part of the communications which is missing.

No. We’re not even close to that.

Things can get a little heated sometimes but there’s a long way to go before we get to that stage.

Official communications are always a balance between too much details and marketing.
Of course Microsoft doesn’t want to have the blog look like everything is broken and having open statements in the Q&A is basically the counterweight.

It’s still a company relying on profit from selling the sim and Marketplace content. This is why most of the screen of such a Dev update is nice screenshots/photos and Marketplace updates.
If you expect such a company to lay out all issues in broad for every potential customer, you’re naive.

I also think they could get a bit more in-depth on the current performance issues, but since I don’t believe this would speed up anything, I’m okay with waiting since that’s what I’d do anyway.


What a wonderful and positive response. You obviously know exactly what the issue is and how it should be fixed as you seem to think not much of the fact that MS is working on it.
You should certainly let them have the benefit of your wise council.

Potentially providing more information on what is causing the performance issues could help identify workarounds that would allow people to have decent performance before a patch release comes (likely in April at this point).

I’m pretty sure if they would have some workaround, they’d communicate it, just like they did on the flaps issue.
I guess the devs are the best source for this if they identified the issue and find a workaroumd without hotfixing. There is no reason to think MS/Asobo would hold back that information.

There was no reason to assume they try to avoid releasing a Hotfix for the flaps problem but they did for a week.

Excessive icing is going to be fixed by an “OFF OPTION”? Seriously?

Instead of making it more visually realistic, lets give them option to switch it of completely.

That is like: If you don’t like it, you can go … yourself.

That is not very happy solution in my point of view.


After providing a workaround.
Seriously, do you think such allegations that they’d hold back relevant information help in any way?

To be brutally frank I do not have anywhere close to your faith in MS and Asobo’s willingness to be honest and open with the community about issues and problems - and this goes back to the beta.


This has nothing to do with being the center of a universe. It’s about fixing a product that people paid a lot of money for, is currently unusable for many, and quite frankly should not have been released and advertised as a finished product, but rather a beta. Asobo isn’t doing us a favor here


I said I wouldn’t bite but the bait got the better of me.

Again, you’re using an “I’m the centre of the universe attitude”. If you don’t like how Asobo are handling things get a refund and move on. If you can’t, well you should have exercised a little more patience.

Why must Asobo bow to anyone’s way of thinking and processing other than their own is nuts. They were the ones spending millions of investment even before you rocked up with your measly $100 and demanded a AAA title like a fat kid in a chocolate factory.

Did they drop the ball on release, sure! But what gives anyone the right to question their build capabilities. At least they’re pushing boundaries unlike another title that sat with their hands in the cookie jar for 10 years. Seriously, 2D cloud sprites and cardboard trees is where we were before MSFS came along.

Asobo and Microsoft are listening and actively working on issues, it’s going to take time and patience from both sides of the table.