Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update

Thanks, yeah, all that did was update Candy Crush (whatever that is.) Arrg… everyone’s flying but me.

EDIT - I rebooted, and now the “get updates” got :slight_smile: Downloading now. Thanx all for responses.

Hi, yeah i tried restarting 4 times and diffrent flight plans around seattle area on all players/live.
Still getting 2992 227/3 and clear. but i am seeing the weather on the world map (different wind at different airports on the map) but it’s vanilla as soon as i enter the sim

Have you checked if its still selected, the update my of reverted it back on…

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Thanks for the heads up I hadn’t rechecked them so I’ll go do that now.

What also helped me was disabling hags, need to do tests if it works better now with older driver and new fs update.

Thanks for the heads up!

That is or

I hope you got by now

Should be flying, but waiting for a market place purchase to download, real slow atm

Had some issues right after install, it had to do with the community folder. Did a reset of the folder, and currently climbing to FL400 en route Frankfurt from Lisbon. Everything seems much smoother! Occasional buffer here and there but nothing like it was. So this could have been successful! I will report back upon landing at Frankfurt.

Good update!

As I just bought a new 1440p monitor (yesterday) and hooked it up to Fs, I expected a major Fps dip.

But even while running a modest I7-7700 and a GTX1060 I still can fly without stutters at medium / high settings (+/-30fps). This update ( improved the smoothness.
In my case I lost a few Fps-digits but I don’t care because it runs better than on my previous 1080p (non v-sync) monitor.

This aged really well actually.


Did you get it sorted?

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Todays update seems to work very well, but I still have the issue with slow connection to MSFS servers. Check the two screenshots below. First is the download from Microsoft Store, and then from MSFS Marketplace.

Yes! Re-disabled full screen optimisation and DPI rendering and it’s nice and smoother again!

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THANK YOU!!! I did a test flight around a mod’d Toronto and for the first time in awhile my GPU stayed consistently in the 90%, instead of dipping to 50% or less. Things were finally smooth. THANK YOU for working quickly on this.

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This update is amazing! I got a better FPS performance at all airports, especially at payware airports. Stutters went 99% away. Keep up the great work!

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This is as happy as I’ve ever seen this forum. lol.


The proof is in the pudding. Things work well and of course, people are happy! We all want this sim to succeed.

On my way back to Lisbon from Frankfurt and everything is working great, performance wise anyway, minor aircraft/fms related issues. One step at a time I suppose.


Have done a few noticeably smoother flights. Thanks for the fix! :slight_smile: