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I give up :frowning: I had manually edited the A320neo and assumed that the hotfix would overwrite the base files. Whatever the hot fix did, the A320 now becomes uncontrollable below 150 kts for Vapp. Go to 140 kts and it will pitch down and not respond to pulling up on the stick. Tried this on several landing challenges. What’s the solution?

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Wait for FBW to change their package and than redownload

The instructions to install the hotfix clearly say to reverse out (delete the folders) that you updated - i.e. it will NOT automatically overwrite anything you manually changed. Suggest you do that now and restart the sim and you should be able to download the planes again from the content manager.

And remove any mods that you have that might conflict

The lesson here is:

Don’t edit your base files.

And MS/Asobo should not have suggested people to do this.


Okay thanks. I ran through each of the tests, didn’t seem to find anything although I suspect one of the services wasn’t running.
Checked updates - suddenly there was a raft of Windows updates, mainly Office (which I don’t use but, whatever). Back to Apps page in Settings and reset Gaming Services. Still nothing so, what the hell, reset Microsoft Flight Simulator and re-run the game.
Aha, something happening - it downloaded a 1.3GB file - the update?
But then, disaster - the installation manager kicked in and I’m staring at a full re-install!!! So the rest of the day is now going to be spent watching the snail creep across the screen. Ah well.

I edited them and it worked fine, the problem is when people don’t read/follow the instructions.

Or read them, and not fully understand them, or the repercussions of these changes.

Now I’m really confused. Went to the store (I have the CD version -PDL) and tried to download the update. Kept getting te error code so I gave up and thought I’ll play the sim and try later.

Opened the SIM and thought “I’ll just check which version” and it comes up as
Now I never did the update myself but it appears to have done it all on it’s own. Really weird.

Well this is weird. I was trying to get FS2020 to update to 1.13.17 but opening the sim, the MS Store or Content manager in the sim did nothing. Nada. No notifications, no updates etc.

Then I noticed it has already updated to 1.13.17.

So how has that happened. I’m the only person who uses this computer and there was no update action seen at any point.

Guys, if you don’t disable it, Windows Store checks for updates and installs them automatically. You won’t get notifications about it.

If you start the sim before the store does the check, the sim will inform you that there’s an update. Otherwise it just starts.
If there are packages to be downloaded additionally, then you’ll see an ingame update screen, but for this hotfix there were no changes in packages and thus no such update screen.


Really? Every other update ever, including hotfixes has notified me and required my input to get the update done. Always has, ever since beta. Never seen an update go in without notifying me previously.

Instructions? When I turned on MSFS 3/2 a box popped up saying that a mandatory update is required and showed a link to the MS Store to download. At the Store, the automatic updates at the Store began.

You probably mean that ingame screen where you see the path and a blue “Update” button? That only appears if there are packages to download.

This hotfix was purely a Windows Store update and the Store updates many applications, even the Calculator, the XBox app etc. and does that usually without ANY hint about it.

All of that applies to the Windows Store version of course. Steam at least displays in your library that there was an update performed (unless you disable the automatic downloads).

You simply need to understand that updates for MSFS are separated into two parts:

  • Main game (via Steam or Windows Store), usually in background
  • Packages (cause a prompt upon game launch and you see a download progress etc.)

And this hotfix, for probably the first time at least since release, was only affecting the main game, thus happened quietly for many of us, which is expected.

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A correct (L/D)max is the most important parameter for a realistic flight model. Measure (L/D)max using DevMode, Tools Aircraft Editor, Debug, Sim Polar VhVs. The red line is the (L/D)max line. In real life an airplane has between 10 (C152) and 16 (A320). Measure yourself. This is how C172 looks AFTER I doubled drag_coef_zero_lift from Asobo value. The C172 has (L/D)max = 118kt / 1500 fpm = 118 kt / 9.87 kt = 12

C172 VhVs corrected

By the way, the last guy I discussed this in this forum, a FBW guy, did not understand a word. For him (L/D)max of 28.3 for A320 was fine.

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I must confess, I don’t know much about this stuff either, but I did find an interesting page on this subject.

The red line being the best glide angle? According to that page, the aircraft with the best L/D is the B777-200 at 19.3, so nowhere near the FBW modded A320, which that chart suggests should be nearer 16.2

This is what I see for the 152, flaps up.


The Asobo C152 is 102 kt / 1000 fpm = 102 kt / 9.87 kt = 10.3 This is a correct value.

AND NOW I SEE MY MISTAKE! In my brain was wrongly stored 1500 fpm = 9.87 kt. But it is 1500 fpm = 14.8 kt. Therefore the last flight model mods I did are WRONG!

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I get it! I love it when something clicks. Looking along the red line, no matter where I look, I should always get the same LD, as in 190/1900fpm or 18.76kts = 10.12.

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Yes. And there are many lift/drag ratios. The L/D depends on your AoA angle of attack, your flaps setting and even on your elevator trim or your bank angle. The (L/D)max is level flight no elevator input or other input. Every other L/D for this airplane is worse, has a lower value.

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Maybe you should go back and read that “FBW guy’s” response. He agreed that the current mod’s (L/D) max is too high and that the flight model is being updated to address that and other issues.

However, your assertion that the A320NEO’s (L/D) max is 16 is also incorrect. You are quoting an L/D at a normal cruise condition. That is not the maximum (L/D) for flaps up. Maximum L/D occurs at a much lower speed than at the normal cruise condition and is higher than 16.

Aside from that, a correct (L/D) max is not the most important parameter for a realistic flight model.

This is what happened to me. I have the steam version and thought it would notify me it was updating but nothing, not even a long wait when the game opened. Then I checked the version and it was 1.13.17.