Discussion: May 27th, 2021 Development Update

You can read the latest Development Update here:

Feel free to use this thread for discussion and feedback.


@Jummivana The community video is missing from the website version of the update.

Thanks a lot for cleaning up the Bugs snapshot! Looking much better now.

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They said during the stream that xbox version will be out at the same tine as new pc update.

Xbox = mid july/SU5


OK, soooooo, looks like SU5 won’t have any considerable fixes except for those that were actually promised to be released with SU4… Interesting

I would say that fixing the remaining cases of the approach flyback bug (they said in yesterday’s Q&A that Working Title spotted a few more incidents after Asobo finalised their fixes) and the flight planner reshuffling, in addition to incremental improvements for the Garmins and turboprops, is rather considerable. And as genbrien said above, there’s the possibility that Sim Update 5 is the DirectX 12 update, which will be extremely significant.


All that is rather vague to me, frankly. Whereas they seem to be a little more specific with SU6 and even 7 now. But I don’t wanna start a discussion here, I am simply stating my personal observation.

That screenshot by @Lisandro1969 is amazing, definite winner for me!

They should fix the bugs we have now, first
Nothing else…


I sure hope Direct X 12 will enable i9 processors to be better utilized. Seems like such a waste of processing ability to neglect building a platform to tap into the processing power of today’s processors. I also hope that DX12 will allow MSFS to showcase the beautiful world that has been created by the developers.


I think it will help. They mentioned moving the glass cockpit refresh off the main thread which will almost assuredly have a positive impact.


Why do we still have have a Development Roadmap that is still dated 4.29.21 and still seems unchanged since that date? Even the Partnership series video in May is shown as TBA despite having already been shown.

They do not update it weekly anymore, that’s why it now says “most recent update”. It will be updated in late July the next time (Development Roadmap Update Aug/Oct).

Hi, since the last update, auto pilot of boing 78X works well, but a big bug. When you grow the weight of the boing, (fuel principal) and you adjust the parameters to be balanced. The aircraft on taxi way, all the weight in the back. The front wheel jump like a kangaroo when you move. You can’t control the direction.

Can you correct this bug?

Best regard

It was my brithday yesterday, why was this not mentioned by the devs???


Thanks for answering - this is correct. There was an ask by a few community members to show the Dev Roadmap so they could see it, but it is only updated every couple of months. It is there for convenience. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums! I don’t think this is the best place to report a bug, I would recommend sending a Zendesk report (most direct way to report something to the developers), and opening a thread in the Bugs & Issues section to see if others are experiencing the issue too. “Aircraft Systems” is probably the best place for such a bug.

Zendesk: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Aircraft Systems: Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

It is indeed a lot more convenient to read the image version, so thanks for the change! By the way, the SDK roadmap which was due out earlier this month has not been posted I think, could you check on the status of that one?

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Thanks, I will send a report on the zendesk :wink:

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Why is that trash of an airplane, the Bredok3D 737 Max being offered on the marketplace? I thought it was common knowledge that it uses stolen assets? Not to mention it is below freeware quality. Why is Asobo/MS enabling these shady practices and this ripoff of customers?