Discussion: October 8th, 2020 Development Update

Are the ATC related crashes being fixed too?

I mean this one:

Crash when ATC delegated to the Co-Pilot


We hear you and thank you for sharing.


Thank you Developers


Try to stop Nahimic service first. Maybe it helps.

“new” just means that it’s the first time on the list. Probably it’s an issue that has gotten popularity. Doesn’t mean it was just discovered.

I like the dev update, especially compared to last week’s one.
Let’s not forget that the fixed issues only contain the ones actually highly voted. It doesn’t mean they did not fix/update anything else. They collect feedback/issues from other platforms as well and have Zendesk in parallell which all of that is not explicitly listed here.

Looking forward to the patch since currently I lost faith in having a trouble less flight. Hope with the patch we’ll have a stable experience.

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Thanks @Jummivana Jayne, appreciate the reply. FYI, I posted what I believe to be a logic way to break down testing in this thread:

IMO if you could assign (many) small groups of testers something that can be tested in an hour or so of their time, you could do base level testing very quickly. For example, there seems to be lots of problems with autopilot (which I never use…but then again I fly for fun not for transportation). So assign two or three people for every airplane - their only job during each patch candidate is just to fly through a couple of scenarios and see if the AP is working properly.

Just an idea, trying to figure out how we can help you better test patches before release.



I’m going to miss that press any key


If I’m reading that bug list correctly, the most voted on problem (the game-breaking autopilot and g1000 / g3000 issues) that make certain planes UN-FLYABLE aren’t supposed to be fixed for four more updates as they haven’t even STARTED to look into it…

That can’t be right. Please tell me I’m reading that wrong.


and a consistent one

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I like the update too, and you’re right about NEW and the fact it’s only the highly voted bugs. However, all my points still stand that this is much slower progress on bug fixes than many of us have hoped for. There’s almost half of the top list still not even triaged.


Thank you Microsoft and Asobo for this transparency, I am amazed how do you guys come up with such a list although software development is always been a moving target. Big kudos!
Please ignore some negative users and I guarantee 100%, what ever you guys will do, they will just continue to complain and say “shame on you Asobo!!”. The best just ignore them and continue with your mission bringing us the truly next gen sim :blush:


The added transparency is good. I have been an ardent supporter, defending devs for a promising future.

However, I am becoming concerned about the substance of these patches. I hate to compare but I have to bring up last patch notes for CK3. Literally 4 or 5 pages of fixes (I get it, diff genre ect, substance is what I mean here) We get what 5?

I understand development but perhaps a feature freeze is in order to get the bugs under control? At this rate bugs are going to overrun and only fixing a few at a time is a bit worrying.

Hope the full patch notes prove me wrong.


I’m sure there will be a mod for that.


Exactly what I was going to ask him

Positive: At least it’s giving me the right expectations to set. It’s one of the things I’ve been hoping for: better communication.

Negative: Update 9! We’re 1 week away from Update 4, so that’s 5 x 2 weeks + 1 week assuming a 2 week cadence. We’re talking Christmas.


No, Asobo, please don’t ignore users just because they’re not always positive. As long as it’s constructive, negative comments bring the product much further than simple praise, even if it feels better initially.


I know some are going to call me a whiner and complainer but… ARE THEY KIDDING??? I was really trying to be positive and optimistic but…Compare the list of bugs they acknowledge and look at what they are promising will be fixed in Patch #4 next week… buildings issues, camera issues, Press any key to Start issue, Call sign issue… do ANY of those things make the actual sim more flyable?? REALLY??? Those are the priorities? Am I missing something? Avionic issues “Not Started” ? Multi Monitor use Work in Progress? Dolphin dance (serious plane handling bug) not Started??
I am floored. This is outrageous.
Yes, communication is better and they promise this and that and I truly appreciate that. But looking at the order of priorities they either still don’t “get it” or don’t have the right people with the right know how. There can’t be any other reason they are still more focused on things a “gamer” would consider a priority.


Let’s help them understand that we need the high priority bugs fixed at the very least. They should not be multi-month regressions.


By the way, MS is satisfied :wink:

As long they are constructive, definitely needed criticism. What I meant here different set of users :wink: