Discussion: October 8th, 2020 Development Update

Will it optimize performance? Can you increase FPS? Can you eliminate stuttering? Why does every update avoid optimization?

I seem to remember in the first(?) update they claimed they had changed several things which gave a “significant” improvement in performance (i.e. fps), and in a subsequent update they allowed users to set the “Glass cockpit refresh rate”, which was believed to be affecting fps in some planes.

Whether they succeeded or not is open for discussion, but they certainly are aware this is a major concern.

I am a little disappointed that they haven’t even started trying to fix the number one issue on the list. The other fixes do not appear to major improvements IMHO. They should just roll back to the previous version. Was more stable than the current build. I hope the update next week brings a more positive experience for everyone. Have a nice weekend :sunglasses:

Trying to increase from 31FPS to 34FPS by means without any scientific basis, this dare to be called optimization?

Can you exapnd? How is it unusable? What are you trying to achieve?

I have no idea what you are trying to say here. I think most people would say they have seen some improvement in stability and stuttering and probably FPS too in patch 2 and patch 3. A lot of the complaints are that in doing so, some people perceive that visuals are downgraded (but not a universal view by any means) and that this is cause and effect (and hence not viewed as optimisation).

In the Q&A, they talked about changing their mind on improving the Garmin(s). Hence until now they have been doing others things. I think once teams finish the dev sprints they are on and finish the feature sets/bugs they are working on they will move onto the Garmin. Which is why it looks like they’ve not started it yet.

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Do a flyby view and the drone tilts the horizon 90 degrees or more (most of the time)…

I must admit I too am not sure what you’re saying here.

As a part-time software engineer, I know you rarely find a single “optimization”. It is often a question of nibbling away at a problem, gaining a bit here and a bit there. A gain of 3fps (which may or may not be what you’re suggesting has happened), if repeated in every patch, will mean everyone will end up happy.

And I don’t really know what you mean by “scientific basis”. Programming is inherently scientific, and all professional programmers use the scientific method to solve problems.

The main point that everyone should keep in mind (including myself) is that everyone has a different set-up - not just the the hardware, but the FS2020 settings, the Windows settings, the drivers used, the planes flown, the area (and height) flown etc. What helps one person may actually cause problems with another, for example dumbing down the scenery would excite those requiring higher fps, but disappoint those interested in sight-seeing. It is for these reasons that there is such a wide disparity in user experience, as voiced in this forum.

As with life in general, you will need to take what enjoyment you can get, and be happy.


Regarding FPS how is everybody’s experience at Paris Airport. I get like 10 fps when taxing there. Even worse after the update. Normally I get around 25 fps at airports like EGLL. (at nearly Ultra). Maybe Paris airport needs some good optimization.

I really cant believe that they will wait until patch 9 to fix the AP bug. The whole thing worked fine before patch 3. at least for me it was perfectly flyable with AP there. In my opinion they just should go back to patch 2 or at least undo the changes on the AP which they seem to have applied on patch 3 and take their time till releasing the next patch. i dont need patches every week if they are broken. the game was far away from perfect before patch 3 but now its hard to take any ifr flight.

it is a great game dont get me wrong im still somehow enjoying it but i enjoyed it way more before the last patch… lets hope patch 4 will surprise us all in a positive way!!!


Appreciate what the developers are doing, seems to be addressing low hanging fruit as some of the more critical fixes could involve more time and be invasive on code, it’s a marathon and not a sprint for sure.

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That’s wonderful news. You guys are doing a great job in my opinion. I want the community to be part of the solution not part of the problem. Unfortunately I can only offer snacks and appetizers for internal meetings ;p

I’ve done two things, both suggested in the Known Issues area:

  1. Turn off multiplayer.
  2. Turn off Azure text-to-speech.

Additionally, I no longer use Developer Mode. Finally, I rarely check frame rates. If I notice stutters then I take a peek at FPS.

The result is CTD events are gone, and I rarely - if ever - get stutters.

The Community Fly-in yesterday (Seattle Tour) went amazingly well… other than a “group crash” that many of us experienced. Multiplayer was obviously in use, and it was really, really fun. That was a true test of the system, under a decent load, using a server with triple digit latency. (For me.) I’d say it passed the test with a grade of a solid ‘B’

Hang in there, let the Devs do their job, and be patient. No bit of software I know of has ever tried to combine so many elements to yield such an immersive result. There are all sorts of great things Flight Sim has to offer. And it’s just getting started… :slightly_smiling_face:

Escape key.

Hello Asobo Guys, yesterday I updated the simulator. Today the game starts loading well, once the message “checking by upgrade” appears the simulator ends, someone knows what is going on. I’ve tried several times and it always cancels out on its own.

hi guy !You don’t need to teach me how to be a human being. If a programmer doesn’t have a sense of “optimization”, it will be a failure. You can look at the test video about 3080 and 3090 graphics cards on youtube. When you see other more then 100GB large games running stably at 80-100fps under the highest special effects, come back and take a look at your MSFS , Raising 3fps makes you feel extravagant. How do you persuade a high-level hardware player to accept a situation where even 60fps cannot be stabilized? The world is big, but the content displayed before your eyes is limited. Optimization is an attitude that indirectly reflects some development capabilities. A good programmer can not only write code, but also think about problems from the perspective of the user, instead of holding a 386 computer and exclaiming, the world is so beautiful!

I’ve been flying it daily and it seems better but still CTD almost every flight. CJ4 or TBM on approach or arrival with or without ATC. I’m so used to it so it doesn’t even surprise me. I just shut it down and go back to X-Plane if I want a realistic flight that ends well. The ATC seems to be working better than I expected in FS up until it crashes. I think this sim just needed another six months of alpha testing before release. So now we all do the beta testing together, which is OK as long as we don’t expect it to work perfectly most of the time.

I guess I’ve been lucky. I have never had the sim crash, not initially after the release or after any patches (except now by opening VFR map after getting in the air. But that seems pretty much the same for everyone). My scenery looks great and always has since day one.
But I HAVE regularly had other major issues- with autopilots, trim, (joystick axis, etc. has been checked and all is correct), ATC anomalies, ILS anomalies, plane handling anomalies. Issues, by the way, that I did not have after a patch or two in any other flight sim, recently or a decade ago. Yes, this undertaking is wider in scope and more complex. I get that. I am still hopeful that, as many others have expressed, that these bugs will be fixed eventually. The patches so far keep me from getting as hopeful as I normally would be. I will never accept the state in which this “flight” simulator was released but that’s old news and I’ve complained enough about that to make some on this forum hate me. :rofl:
Are those working on the “flight” aspect of this sim experienced with flight sims or just general gaming? No matter how technically proficient you are at code, programming, etc. only someone who is familiar with the end results desired can be perceptive enough to get it right. I know the desire is there but, so far, I haven’t seen proof that the expertise in this very specific type of simulator is there. I could be wrong and I sincerely hope so.

If a company like MS or ASOBO sees the big selling point as eye-popping graphics, regardless of the fact that (maybe) scenery development and flight development are handled by different “teams”, the emphasis in time and dollars is going to be that- visuals. This has proven to be the case if you look at not just the initial advertising of FS2020, but in the things that have been fixed (or attempted to be fixed) so far.

So let’s see how the next patch goes.


It’s not great there. I get 20 in the cockpit, 30 outside. Ultra everything