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But I’m done with the downloading, so you’ll have to wait till the next patch.

I’m expecting one very very very soon. :wink:

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The avionics calculate wind speed and direction with the difference between true airspeed and ground speed, and between heading and ground track. So, if you’re on the ground with 0 TAS, 0 GS, and no ground track, there’s not much for the avionics to calculate.

In other words, the wind speed in the cockpit is not a data linked value, and you need to be in the air for it to work.

Yeah my FPS is down and stuttering is there.

A monumental leap forward as a whole would not be accurate.

Yes the scenery can be seen as monumental, but it has been long enough ago that the scenery should be even better than it is in MSFS. The many missing major airports are a simple and true fact that screams this loudly!

Autey is correct if one looks at the total true facts.

A game (MSFS, currently POST Patch #2) that can take pretty screenshots is not a flight sim.

If this the kind of patch process we can expect going forward, this may become world news and refunds may be on the table…that would be monumental indeed. We’ll see. This is another example of why it is EXTREMELY important to satisfy flight simmers FIRST, then gamers and streamers and bloggers and whoever else. The reports about the SDK I have heard confirm this.

All of the complaints will only be because of the high claims to date of MSFS that have not been realized. Buckle up.


After a save time and weather is not available from the dropdown menu still.
Not big I know but it has been posted a few times about this.

For those wanting to change sensitivity settings:

C:\Users"your user"\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\000901F369E88C7C_00000000000000000000000069F80140

In one of those folders are located a raw file with your devices settings that you will have to edit with notepad:

just save the file and restart game (since change don’t work on hot).

You are welcome.


How annoying now since the patch, every time you start the sim your chosen settings for the world map reset, which turns wind effect and nav aids off in the filter options.


The ATIS is not fixed, still the same old… 3 miles with a few layers that don’t exist… so annoying. The windsock is still not fixed.

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It looks great. But one thing I didn’t see was an update in the US about live weather, or maybe I missed it? Do we now have live headwinds and tail winds? I’m flying KENL-KMSY about 520 NM and I’m noticing nothing different in my TAS or GS speeds at FL450.

That was a bug from before.

When you bring up the panel that lets you adjust them, don’t hit the reset button. Manually turn on the things you want to see instead, and it will remember those settings. If you use the reset instead, it doesn’t save those, and next time will show you nothing again.

Mine seems fixed and working

Very impressed with the giant hit list of bugs/improvements addressed in today’s patch! Bit concerned with your internal QA teams effectiveness though, unless the game state at launch was well known to be fairly off the mark initially haha :wink:

also how do i get the weather thing up on the tool bar? it wont let me enable it, even if i take other things i dont use off of it

That might be the issue here, too. I get that same message. They are right about the overall conditions (rain, clear, snow etc) but the cloud layers are wrong and don’t match what Foreflight shows in terms of pressure and cloud cover.

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So in summary, MACH/KNOT switch doesn’t work and is stuck in MACH. When on an ILS approach when I engage the flaps the plane starts climbing fast and the plane A320 is still swaying!!! I thought this patch improved the Autopilot. Before I was just about able to land the plane if I disengaged the Autopilot now with the flap surge I can’t land at all. This has to be fixed right away or the game is not playable.

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I was having that happen as well, but after this patch it seemed to work fine. I’ll try it again though lol

I’m sorry, but speaking as a software developer, there is simply no excuse for introducing the bug that broke the A320. All anyone had to do was attempt to fly the airplane from a cold start, which should be part of Asobo’s QA process. Yes, this is a complicated application, but managing complexity is a core element of software development training. We do not expect patches to be perfect, but we also don’t expect them to break existing features; particularly in such an egregious fashion as the A320 engine shutdown bug. Asobo should be embarrassed by the level of unprofessionalism demonstrated by shipping this bug.


Thank you! I’ll look into that after I grab a bite to eat at A&W in Jakarta. Thanks!

Confirming ATIS still gives bogus and incorrect weather. :man_facepalming:


You got that right, my friend.

It seems many users are getting better performance/FPS which is wonderful. I am truly happy for them (seriously- no sarcasm here). I believe my performance is slightly better but, to be honest, it was pretty good before, but even if I get 100FPS it wouldn’t matter because so many things still don’t work.

So here’s what I have as bugs so far after a couple of flights (and I haven’t even gotten to the airliners yet):

1- Autoplilot is not fixed satisfactorily. On one boot I could not get the autopliot in the TMB930 to erngage no matter what- “Z” key, manually pressing button, etc. Then I reloaded the flight and it worked but kept shutting itself off, even while cruising.
2- The VS wheel to increase and decrease vertical speed instead increased and decreased Speed and the plane didn’t even have an autothrottle!.
3- IFR plan from Boston KBOS to JFK. ATC got me to the waypoints but never told me to descend. In fact, at about 20 miles out it had me ascend from 8,000 to 18, 000 ft. !!

So we definitely have a lot of work left. You would think, after acknowledging in-flight issues, including Autopliot, to be fixed in this update, that these obvious bugs would not still be present.
My confidence level is waning…).

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