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I think is the CPU problem that I have, I barely get limited by the GPU, everytime the CPU is the problem. However, that wasn’t a problem for me pre SU3 update, after SU3 update has screwed my CPU big times :sweat_smile:

Well that’s a whole new subject in itself and an emotive one at that. I think you have to look at what you use your computer for , and then figure out what’s the best option for you and your budget.

Besides, I’m not convinced it’s due to your CPU as that’s a hefty and fast old lump of silicon you have in there. I just think this sim’s not working well enough to get the best out of certain combinations of components right now. I run normally at 3440 x 1440 and I’m well and truly GPU bound as the Dev Mode CPU counter loves to tell me :joy:

yeah the sim is really not enough optimized. What makes me sad is, pre UK update, the sim on my machine was super smooth, fast, no stutters … etc. Now I feel we are back to the release days with the performance issues :frowning:

I played it last night after the update. Frames were as good as I have seen them.

PLEASE don’t brake it again.

Just performed a very long (nearly 3 hours) VFR flight and didn’t experience any noticeable stutters. I think that this new patch solved these issues for me. Sim is really smooth now, very enjoyable. Thanks ASOBO. :slight_smile:

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For “convenience” I am keeping a Record of all Updates and SDK releases, by year, in a single. updated post, that makes it really easy to search across all Updates, to find anything of interest.
(This is an Unofficial list, but is most convenient to see all Update Notes in a single, searchable Post")

Obviously, the Patch notes for Patch Version are included in the 2021 Post

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to all guys with good performance and no stutter:

what Nvidia Driver do you use and what are your nvidia settings? you changed anything from stock stettings?

Hi there. I’m on the latest GameReady version 461.92. Running RTX 2070 SUPER (GAMING X from MSI) @ 1440p. Did some adjustments in Nvidia driver, running sim on ULTRA, vsync locked at 30FPS, both LOD set to 200.

Hi Lincoln, Thank for your reply. You are right. But I did not change by myself from C to H. My original installation was in H. But when this update triggered, it was showing the installation destination is within C… Then I have pointed to H. Later on, I have cancelled the update and manually located the ‘package’ folder in the original installed folder in H and then it recalculated it was close 158 MB at the end. My question is, why the update was pointing me to install in C instead of it’s original folder? Now all good. Thanks.

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Its not full ultra its a mix of custom settings between high and ultra… To be honest on the settings before patch city’s that have a large density with buildings (like NYC and London) i would get about 30 fps or more it ran fine. Plus its scaled down from 4k its like 3.5k lol… it think its at 70-80 rendering scale. Plus running full scale 2k maxed out made no difference in FPS to what settings i am running now before the latest patch…that’s one of the reasons I bumped it up to 4k

I agree with you FS 2020 is a beast to run…But before the last 2 patches I no issues 11+ hour flights with no CTD’s or hang ups. I’ve been running the same Overclock settings since day one launch… temps are fine 60c or lower on the cpu and the 2080 super sits at 65-70c. I should clarify better I run a mixture of ultra and high settings on 4k that’s scaled down to about 70-80 on the rendering. Its pretty much like running 3K-3.5K lol and i also tried 1440p and no Overclocks still have the CTD’s. I am going to do more testing today but i dont really feel like redownloading 120+ gbs again it would be my 2nd time reinstalling FS 2020 and as per ram I actually going to a 64gb setup just got to order it from Newegg

At times like this, I would like to see ship traffic live

I have similar specs…i9-10900k, 2080super 64gb

Ultra with textures at 100, not 200. Locked at 30 with vsynch on. Drops below 30 a little over cities. With terrain at 200, its 15 over cities. That is a lot worse than pre-SU3. But the new patch has made it at least playable.

I switched in spring 2020. For laptops Intel CPU are still better, but on PC Intel is just expensive. My experience: overclocking with AMD is (too) easy, my mainboard does it by default. But you may step back a little. My 3300X CPU runs official 3.8GHz, runs successful every benchmark at 4.3 GHz but for MSFS 2020 4.1 GHz is max. Beyond that I get CTDs.
By the way, current best price/performance value is AMD 2600.

If I land in a remote airport with no air or ground traffic, performance is consistent and Ok for my setup.

I did not change my settings or setup since MSFS release.

Now if I land at a semi busy default airport with air and ground traffic (i.e: intl airport) as I get closer the airport stutters and pauses make the approach and landing impossible. Performance stabilizes after I stop on the runway.

Not sure if it’s related to traffic but that’s the only difference between both tests / airports.

Landing at this airport used to be Ok before the latest updates with the same settings.

Also since the previous updates, MSFS keeps running even if I close it. I need to go to Task Manager and click on End Task.

yeah indeed, at least bit better with the patch but not how it used to be, at least Asobo is aware of that and they admitted that they couldn’t fix all the performance issues

yep indeed. I really think Intel is just overpriced for what you get. However, we shall the see the real test when DX12 is out. With DX11 is always capping the CPU.

These patches that keep nerfing the visuals of the sim in order to solve the performance problems they created in previous updates are completely unacceptable.

When I first got the sim, I was blown away, it looked superb, trees, and buildings, and textures at detail from a distance, trees as far away as I could see (with a fix downloaded), every flight was a wow moment. Then performance issues started coming in and people started complaining. Now I don’t get any wows it just doesn’t look anywhere near as good, trees only round the airplane, buildings just look like blocks, and the larger buildings stick out so much as grey blocks until you get close, the textures in the distance look all blurred.

OK great I now get 60+ fps everywhere, but I don’t want 60+ fps, I want the sim to look as good as it used to, and I want to be able to alter my settings to make it look amazing as long as I have 30 fps. I have everything on ULTRA and it just isn’t as good as it used to be, the visuals have absolutely been nerfed to give people more performance. Not acceptable in my opinion, feels like I’ve wasted so much money now and could have stuck with previous sims, the only thing msfs did better than those is visuals, and that is just getting worse and worse with every update. So disappointing.


This is why I am using this driver:


I can’t say I have noticed any difference subjectively but I haven’t looked at fps in detail yet - so I’m just using this driver to see if the claim that it gives best performance in VR works for me.

My biggest problem which I still have despite a full 150GB reinstall the other day is long pauses. FPS is generally fine 30+ in central London cached with Orbx London pack, 60 fps in Scottish highlands. But every so often it just freezes for up to a minute. Does this in the menus too. Have posted on multiple threads and nobody has posted to say they have this problem. I have no idea how to fix it. People are talking about 64GB being optimal if your CPU is quick enough (I have i9-9900k o/cd to 5.2 GHz) but I really don’t know if that would help.

Still 100% GPU usage in the Menu’s

Which is dumb and horrible.