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Hi Howard,

Your reply caught my attention.
I too am looking for a fix for stutters. Most of those stutters and pauses are happening on approach near large airports like Seattle for me.

Maybe your kind of stuttering is different than mine, but maybe your solution will aid my experience as well.

So you are pointing to enlarge the swap file.
What is it and where can I find it?

Kind regards.

How to increase Page File size or Virtual Memory in Windows 10 (thewindowsclub.com)

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Early on because I’m close to KBDL, when they offered it in the marketplace, I bought it. Only to find now it and all the special airports and photogrametized areas that they added would stutter me down to a halt, even just passing over them. Since I turned off photogrametry, it’s all gone. I don’t pretend I know anything but the facts. I am stutterless now. Not happy about wasting money on a useless addon…but stutterless is better.

I mean, when you started the sim, did it come up with a screen saying it was loading (as in previous updates), then you had to press a button to continue. If it did, this was the navdata.

yes, I had to press a button to continue…

Thanks for your help ExtraPilot6480
:grinning: :+1:

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I’d like to add a couple of links to another thread that I feel might be quite useful here. Hopefully, these will help some to control/eliminate their stuttering and jittery MSFS performance.

1.) The first concerns establishing a cleaner baseline PC environment from which to troubleshoot:

2.) The second describes my own experience from allowing FPS to basically run amok in MSFS and how to control that: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/crash-to-desktop-without-error-message/130085/3152?u=tallestparsley2

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You have me very confused.

FS2020 General, Options: Display Mode = WINDOWED:
My Windows 10 screen:

  • Windowed mode: FS2020 Dev FPS = 30, Afterburner FPS = 30
  • Full Screen mode: FS2020 Dev FPS = 30, Afterburner FPS = 30

FS2020 General, Options: Display Mode = FULL SCREEN:
My Windows 10 screen in:

  • Full Screen: FS2020 Dev FPS = 17, Afterburner FPS = 17

Note: I cannot change the screen from Full to Windowed.

I only run FS2020 in Display Mode = WINDOWED and have always claimed for
months now that I have an FPS = 30 or whatever it displays.

And claimed that I was content with the flying with both graphics and
handling of the WT CJ4.

I received a lot of replies stating that they could
not understand why I would be content.

They would be in shock if I said 15 instead of 30 and content.
I am in shock that no one ever mentioned this in my replies or other posts.

Are you sure about this?
Yeah. What Howard says.

… If you open a window… ATC, MAP OR WEATHER, it efectively doubles the fps shown by Msi etc. It makes you think you’re getting double what you actually are getting.

I do not understand why this happens. I think it is counting the fps in the main window AND the child window. So if unlocked and yiu get 50 fps, it would add both together and show it as 100 in an external fps monitor like MSi afterburner. But the Dev mode shows the real fps, which would still be 50.

Hit Alt + Enter to go into fullscreen, close ALL child windows, and your external fps counter should agree with the dev mode counter.
I do not see a “doubling” of FPS. Using Alt + Enter

1st screenshot - Windowed - with Afterburner and Dev FPS

2nd screenshot - Fulllscreen - with Afterburner and Dev FPS

3rd screenshot - Windowed - Dev FPS only

4th screenshot - Fulllscreen - with Dev FPS only

Hi RonS (again)

I think xGabe77x has unintentionally confused you, perhaps a language problem and/or your misunderstanding of the windowed mode
The FPS shown by the sim’s Dev mode should IMO always be treated as being correct for benchmarking purposes.
The MSI Afterburner app ( a useful tool) will usually show the same FPS. It will however, unlike the Dev mode show 2x the actual sim FPS if a sim window (e.g. undocked VFR map) is moved to a second monitor in the windowed mode. You need to be in the windowed mode to do that.
Simple solution: rely on the dev mode FPS indication if you display anything from the sim on a second monitor and get terrific FPS :rofl: - otherwise be satisfied with the miserable FPS shown by the Dev mode if you do not have a NASA supercomputer.

If I am wrong, ask a an expert.


But my 4 screenshots were all with the:
FS2020 Options, General, Display Mode = WINDOWED
All 3 FPS counters were showing approximately 30 FPS in all 4 screenshots.

I noticed that with:
FS2020 Options, General Display Mode = FULLSCREEN
The DEV FPS showed 30 .
So, I am still confused.

FS2020 DisplayMode = FULLSCREEN
FS2020 Dev FPS still shows 30 FPS.

I’m still confused.

You said undocked?

I still don’t understand.

Do you think it is a personal problem/deficiency in understanding?

So, there is not problem. The small difference between the FPS shown by the Dev mode and MSI Afterburner can be ignored. And you do not show a sim window that has been undocked and moved to another monitor.

No. If one of us was stupid it would be me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Undocked means you have clicked (for example) on the symbol between the minus sign and the X sign at the top right-hand corner of the VFR MAP. That will then make the VFR map another window, which you can also more to another monitor. It is in that case, when Afterburner would show the incorrect FPS.

If that does not explain it, sorry I have to give up.
Happy Flying

No, you do, very well.

Since I do not have another monitor , if I click it between as you said,
it does cause the Dev FPS= 14 , but with caution:
Afterburner = 14
Dev FPS = 14
Other = 30 I don’t know what called up this display.

Afterburner still agrees with Dev FPS.

Now, here is the $64,000 question.? also to @xGabe777x
All other displays showed FPS = 30.

What is my true FPS?

Sorry, just trying to determine the truth so I understand it.

Thanks for your patience.

My tip: always rely on the FPS indication of the Dev mode. It never incorrectly shows 2xFPS and a false indication e.g. 28 instead of 56 FPS is always noticeable to to eyes, especially if you are using TrackIR.
But that is only my objective opinion and should not cause a flagging.

I understand, but you can see from my screenshots that FS2020 DEV FPS
is displaying different FPS.

Is that hard to see?

I just want to know which is correct and when is it correct and reliable.

Sorry, I do not see a signifiant difference.
Furthermore, the system just gave me a message that I should include many voices and perspectives in this particular topic - even though my posts have not yet been flagged. I must therefore retire - send me a personal message if you wish.

P.S. I do have life, I am not a paid shiller or a commercial 3rd party and I do not get any direct or indirect benefit from the commercial success of the sim.

As noted by others, the Developer FPS indication is correct and reliable. BUT as also noted by others,
it is a pretty intrusive window that it pops onto your rather limited display screen terrain.

Personally, I prefer to use the XBox Game Bar “Performance” option. You can adjust the transparency level, move it around wherever you want it, expand/contract the graph and it is far less intrusive. AND I haven’t noticed ANY deviations in its FPS indications from that provided in the Developer display.

Just sayin’…


But I am ji askin’ …Which Dev FPS is correct?

Is that so much of a complicated answer?

This all started with:

I am just asking which is correct?
I have shown screenshots where DEV FPS shows different FPS.

I only use Windowed mode.
If it displays 2X FPS, then, I should and need to know.

Is that insane of me. I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe, I shouldn’t.

I purchased Navigraph and downloaded it from thier web site, navigraph.com, I think.

Just a regular install like any other application.

Nothing special or different for FS2020.

Loaded FS2020 and it was there. Charts plus Simlink.

I fly the WT CJ4 and got info from their Discord, Discord

I beieve it only shows one fps number. And that is the correct, underlying rate.

Best approach is to use MSi afterburner and if you have undocked windows, assume it is showing TWICE the actual rate.

I never use windows as I have LittleNavMap and/or Navigraph on a 2nd or 3rd PC and display. I have no use for ATC.

(I use Radar Contact on P3D. Still hoping we can get it working in MSFS … but not not holding my breath !)

If I open the weather window it is only for a few seconds, I then close it.

So Unfortunately I cannot be precise. All I know is back in the Beta stage, I thought that opening the VFR map window for example, seemed to “double the FPS”. So I declared myself a God to the Community ! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Then someone pointed out that the Dev mode FPS would actually show me that I was actually, deluded.


Fantastic effort with this update, congratulations! Went from 20 to 30 FPS in major airports with Ultra settings.

I only use Windowed mode, too. Just ran some tests on my system to try to duplicate the basis (I think) of your question. Frankly, I think I might be lost too, because I failed.

Regardless of how many additional windows I opened with the Developer FPS running I.E. Weather, ATC, etc. the FPS held constant and did not change at all.

I only have one monitor/display and don’t use an iPad, etc. So, I can’t test what happens to the FPS indication, if I try to drag those windows to another display.

That might be at the heart of your question.
Apparently, there is some little clickable spot that allows you to drag those windows over to another monitor that possibly results in the FPS differences?

I also don’t use MSI, so I guess I’ve wandered into a zone that I probably should have stayed out of…