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“there seem to be still some issues.” I am sure the issues are probably your PC set up…

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Those who are experiencing the same thing know there’s a problem that hasn’t been fixed or addressed. Only bandaids…

Unfortunately you are going to get grenades thrown at you by the defenders of this product who take every criticism and complaint personally and attack you even though you have documented proof that there is a problem. Take for example the baseless dig of how many programs you have running in the background (apparently people have not the slightest clue that you can pin shortcuts to the taskbar and running programs are underlined).

Of course my favorite example of attacking those who are having issues was on Avsim when a certain individual who had a habit of going after anyone with retorts of “I don’t have problems, it’s been smooth since day one so it must be you” made the mistake of letting everyone know that they run MSFS smooth on potato resolution, settings on medium and fps capped at 20.

So my advice to you is to expect any question, complaint or problem here will be met with much criticism by those who defend this product as if it’s their perfect little baby. There are many of us who have experienced this and have either moved on, stopped posting or have completely given up on MSFS and gone back to other sims. I would advise to do the same unless you are fine with dealing with this on a daily basis for the foreseeable future.


Wow, the PC specs police has arrived.


MSFS is the most exciting flight simulator out there yet also the most frustrating.

I started to hate it because when it does not work as intended it is extremely hard to start up any of the previous ones. The best course of action is to find another hobby for a while :slight_smile:

I do hope you will be back, your posts were invaluable

then why mostly 90% of the people are not having problems and you do, obviously is something wrong with your setup.

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The thing is, for some people doing such a thing is a necessity. It may not end up looking as pretty as they’d like it to look, but if it’s a choice of it running at all vs. not even starting, it’s an easy choice to make.

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Yes, I did the same test but in VR with the G2, it is smooth like before

Wrong. Nice assumption though. Plz stop bashing people with problems. When you do this, obviously something is wrong with you. Possibly you can offer something constructive


Totally agree with you. I can’t understand why some will rush to attack without understanding the full context. There is an obvious issue, and many have also reported across other locations as well the same thing.
The thing is, this kind of behavior makes things harder to report. Some may think, well is not worth to report it here since is too much headache and I will be attacked.
Having said that, I have as well reported the issue to zendesk with several videos and steps to produce.


I get the impression this update seems to have particularly effected the RTX 3080/3090 cards. I’m getting about 10 - 15FPS loss with my 3080. The sim is still playable but its not butter smooth anymore and my VR experience has take a big step backwards. I hope we get another patch soon to fix things.

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But also I think, the sim community is pretty toxic across other sims as well, last time in Avsim, I saw user kept showing off with this cockpit and thinking himself as better person in arrogant way and others just “gamers”. I feel we, sim community killing this hobby with this kind of attitude unfortunately.


Yes, that would be great to know what the problem was.

I guess we may find out at the next live Dev Q&A???

I am not bashing anyone. Its that some people when the sim doesn’t work for them mostly blame the patch. You never know how their set up is, and what other things they might adjusted in win10 or what other applications they have installed. They usually never provide that info. and as I said most of the people here are happy with the patch, which means that if foe some people doesn’t work, it must be their setup. My opinion


Thanks Asobo. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Since the fix the other day, I am getting CTDs on almost every flight near the end of flight and several times when MSFS is loading a flight and I hit the Fly button. It just CTD’s. Horrible. I am starting to lose all hope.

There’s a difference between running low settings because that is the only way you can run MSFS smoothly and telling people there is no problem with MSFS because you run it on low settings and are happy with the results.

It’s also pretty ridiculous to tell people with high end hardware they should either upgrade, that they are suffering hardware problems, or that the entire stuttering / low fps issue is because of their hardware when up until the most recent update was able to run MSFS on ultra settings and high FPS.

If you are flying MSFS with low to mid range settings, there’s probably a decent chance you will be less prone to run into the issues that those of us who had been running MSFS on ultra and high FPS will have because there’s already a good chance those with low settings or low end hardware are already dealing with low FPS.

Telling people who have high end hardware to drop to medium to low settings or else isn’t the answer to the problem.


i mean is the best for everyone, people who has better specs could also run the sim in high graphics but people who are lower in specs could run the game in like maybe a low settings which is optimised more to run, is kinda like a win win situation for both sides!

I said this this to some guy who was STILL having issues with 76T… after the update yesterday. 99 percent of other people weren’t. Still refused to believe it must be at his end.

No reasoning with some people I guess.

Has anyone noticed how on Avsim, criticising PMDG would get you banned…and then PMDG naffed off to their own servers…now you can say what you like.

Just an interesting observation. :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes, yes… it must be. And before the last patch, some people thought the exact same thing until trying to load up 76T. It’s still counterproductive, and you know what they say opinions are akin to? It doesn’t mean that at all. It very well might not be the patch… It might very well be the entire sim. My first computers needed a soldering iron to make upgrades, I have been given blue ribbons on evga forums for both CPU and memory overclocking advice and help in the past. I have CTDs since the patch. Only with MSFS. I can run OCCT or Aida64 for days on end. Must be my PC? I haven’t given my specs.