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Great news, credit for realising fixes were needed sooner rather than later and putting the work in, thanks. It might have saved a lot of high blood pressure to post a quick message saying they were working on this, but this seems to be how these guys like to communicate for whatever reason. The end result is what matters, fingers crossed it does what it says on the tin.

Thanks to the forum for making it loud and clear what the main issues were and how much of a gamebreaker they were - there wouldn’t be a hot fix without so much noise being made (especially in December!) and the developers have acknowledged they monitor the forums to see where the biggest issues are. Plenty here told us we’d have to wait until SU8 in Feb and should just accept it - now we don’t have, so everyone playing the game owes some thanks (again) to those not being dissuaded from speaking up. Hopefully those determined to downplay things can reflect on why their confident predictions haven’t borne out.

Now we’ve been through this however many times, let’s all of us learn from past experience how to be better. Yes those of us raising issues can be more civil, I hold my hands up, but it doesn’t help having to constantly battle posts trying to shutdown discussion of the issue. Perhaps some could pause in future before jumping into bug threads with the assertion that there’s no problem (when they couldn’t possibly know that), then posting photos from a non-comparable situation with ‘looks fine to me’ even when a problem has been well established, then when denying a problem becomes impossible asserting that it really isn’t a big deal, then as it becomes clear it is serious trying to dissuade people from posting, to be patient and stop complaining and wait for the next update, and finally when the developers acknowledge the gravity of the issue, trying to claim the forum was irrelevant in their response. It gets really old and causes so much unnecessary heat, antagonism and discussion going round in circles.

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That’s what the Zen desk is for. Constantly complaining on the forums about the same thing over and over and over again (frequently by the same people) is just negativity for the sake of negativity.

Step One- If you have a bug, report it to the Zen desk.

Step Two (Optional)- Discuss (not whine) it in the forums to see if other’s have the same issue (you might be unique, or close to it), if anyone might have any suggestions, and if anyone knows of any workarounds or fixes.

The constant whining only serves to (maybe) make the whiners feel better, and to drive other people (like me!) away from the forum. And I don’t mean that as a hypothetical, my usage recently is down dramatically because I’m tired of all the whining about the same things over and over and over again.


And every update there’s always (usually the same people) the gripers and complainers and conspiracy theorists as well.

I don’t defend Asobo or MS. I just set my expectations to be more realistic, now that we’ve gone through seven of these.


Keep in mind a LOT of people who told any of us about “we’ll have to wait until February” truly have zero idea about anything Asobo does or does not do.

A lot of the forums are just pointless speculation or conjecture.


In truth most of the issues acknowledged in this announcement are ones that they already knew they had broken in SU7 before it was released.
But they released it anyway.
Most of not all were in the “known issues” of the SU7 release notes.

Now they are going to do an open beta for this “asap but timeframe unknown Hotfix”
To what end? Why bother testing at all if time and again the beta testers actually identify issues which the update then ships with unfixed?

Why not just release this “asap Hotfix” in whatever state it’s in right now already? After all this appears to be their usual method.

This is different than jumping to fix stuff based on constant shouting and complaining.

They very much follow the bugs section here (via community managers) and get the input for the bug-log through ZenDesk. This is known, and I wasn’t arguing against that kind of bug reporting. Just against the dozens and dozens of complaining topics on the already reported and acknowledged issues here in the general discussion.

As an example, someone just recently was complaining about some old bug here and was replied by one of our loudest friends here with a link to the bug report post, as an example how long it has not been fixed and how “Asobo don’t do anything”. The bug report had 138 votes and had been open for months. It just wasn’t a bug that would be high on the prio-list of the team due to low priority among us.

They have added the known issues to the list as they have become known after the update. I remember asking one of them to be added and it did. Clearly it was a wrong decision, as (some) people have since then jumped into conclusion “they knew all along!”


There were issues which were known right out of the box. Before release and which were part of the “known issues” notes at moment of release
TrackIR being one of them.
VR toolbar issue is another.
Indeed there are quite a few. All included on day 1 in the known issues of the release notes which you can read here and scroll back through the edits to the original.

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I only see that the point that interests me since january the most has been in the same position for months due to new problems. If nothing happens before XP12, that was it for me with FS.

Hmm, yes, you are right, I stand corrected. I also checked in the wayback macine.

Which one is that, out of interest?

I know how you feel, freezing controls and artifacts are almost gamebreaking for me (im avoiding to update my gpu drivers since july to keep the sim running)
but it seems like this issues are forgotten while new bugs are added.

I have been updating my GPU drivers constantly, no issues until now. Funny thing about them is that you can always roll back with very little effort.

I test it with every driver release, and the artifacts always come back.
To be fair, this could be nvidias fault, no one seems to know.

Yes, it is of course also possible. I have not had any artifacts as shown in the thread, and judging by the amount of votes it does not seem to be a very wide-spread issue - which is unfortunate for those who experience it. But I have to say, if I could not get rid of those, this would be one of the very few issues that would make me stop simming. Have you had a chance to test with a different graphics card by chance? Is it model related? Maybe a bad batch?

Certain points - actually beginner’s mistakes - with VR, especially with WFoV.
Even if you now have some of them on there to-do list.

The only sad thing is that they still only use HMD formats from 2016/17 as an approach. For XP12, LR is now working hand in hand with the HMD manufacturers, so that there are no longer any problems with the necessary parallel projection and different representations on both eyes. (Fog, reflections, light refraction, cursor) etc, which is still the order of the day at FS.

ED fixed these things late too, but at least 2 years ago.

No, i dont think its faulty hardware, because it only happens with drivers newer than 466.77, and in my case only under certain conditions in the sim.
It wasn’t really a problem for me to use an old driver, but since other games began to constantly complaining about the outdated driver it really gets annoying.

The release notes showed up AFTER the program updated. Everything is trashed, AGAIN. Cannot get things to work. Will remove the community folder BUT NVIDIA had an issue and my mouse and joystick. Wonderful.

I just launched the sim and got this

How come?
I updated the sim since the update release

Has there been an update today? Or what happened to my sim?


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