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I have a problem with SU7, when looking around the cockpit using freelook toggle, if i zoom in and want to stay zoomed and use the same button to toggle the freelook off now, the camera Zooms out by it self, please if anyone knows how to turn this off, i’ll be very glad.
I have rested my mouse profile with no prevail

This is a preview build of DX12. The development team has said numerous times that this beta feature will not have any performance improvements over the current DX11 implementation.


This happens to me also when I forget to enable my vRAM disk and the sim turns off the rolling cache because the directory is missing. For some reason the assistance options get reset when this happens.

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I’ll test with DX11 again and see how the stuttering is

Pshaw. Before most of us are even dead and gone we’ll be tossing around some new form of digital memory cards with a couple of EBs on them without giving it a second thought.

I now have screen tearing at the top of my screen for the first time since last Aug…any ideas?

Running an i9+3080, still DX11, no change to graphics settings (mostly high).


Noticing another big oversight…

I now have to reset all my settings every time I load a flight! Asobo, come on! How is this slipping by you guys?!?

All assistance settings are reset between flights! Anyone else getting this?

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Goty has broken su57 and f14 for me on xbox. Black displays on f14, throttle moves randomly on runway on su57 or if spawn in air throttle 0 and can’t move.

Well legally they can’t because in some countries a fake reference price is illegal. You have to have sold it at that price for one month previously.

Like every major update folks remember:

  1. Remove Community Folder directories and files
  2. Reboot your system
  3. Restart MSFS.

Yes, I did. But now it seems to have abated. I have no idea what happened. I have been starting and restarting the sim to check Zürich LSZH and Helsinki PG sceneries against the existing add-ons I have.

The HDR10 has been disabled on my Xbox Series X even though before it worked? I cannot turn back on either…

Oh, last thing, Clear out your cache.

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Not affecting me. All my Assistance options were reset to “Easy” at first (we’ve documented this issue for the Dev team), but after changing them back to how I want them, they’re persisting between flights and closing/re-launching the sim.


Update went fine and had great download speed. From few test flights so far:

  1. Toggle Thrust Reverse no longer appears to work either via Joystic or keyboard - I tried many planes and it is broken on 787, 747; A320; CRJ Longitude. Still works on TBM 930. In the past we were able to toggle a key on keyboard or joystick and use thrust axis to control power of Thrust Reverse on both jets and props. Seems that no longer works (I tried that toggle via keyboard and joystick). Anyone has a workaround for this ? I hope we do not have to wait 2 months for a fix like we did with toggle spoilers bug.

  2. DX12 seems to cut FPS ~40-50% and stutters. Going back to DX11 for now. I know it is beta - just reporting my results.

  3. No CTD yet. :smiley:

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For some reason I now get severe stutters with mix of medium and ultra settings. Instead of the usual 35-30 fps I now get 20 or even single digits. Sometimes the lag is so huge that I can’t even control the aircraft and instead just seeing the slideshow - as if I was still on my old PC.


Not using any cache, though. Restarting has been the only thing I have done that might have anything to do with it.

My assistance settings reset to EASY between each flight. I have to manually reset them every flight.


It’d be nice if I could have my logbook back - the option to view it is greyed out since SU7.

yeah, however, live weather clouds look odd, like too soft and lifeless and the haze always have a sharp transition and it suddenly appear as you fly. Definitely need a lot of work. Also, no haze management in presset settings, just changed the old aerosol for humidity but still no heigh/density control.