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Yeah, I just discovered that. No problem.

But, man, Asobo screwed up again BIG TIME with this update. Worlmap not reacting to mouse drag, in flight menu not showing up in 2D mode, VR completely broken (i.e. cannot close ATC window, etc.) ■■■■!!! Why did they launch an update without proper testing. I mean, these are not things that only appear when doing only very unusual things.

What is up with the Rudder function, it won’t hold position? It momentarily goes left or right, but then drifts back to center.

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Strangely, it was affecting me at first. Now it for some reason is not anymore. Quirks. Just happy i’s now good :slight_smile:

Guys, please help me out, this drives me crazy.
How do I get rid off these indicators in the corners and bottom of my screen? I went through all settings, restarted the sim, cleared the cache, nothing is in the community folder. Never seen these before in cockpit view.


I’m grounded until the Mouse Bug in VR is fixed, this is a Major Game Breaking Issue that needs to be dealt with ASAP…not with SU8!


Never seen this either. You absolutely sure you don’t have some third-party plugin/program injecting this into your sim?

There’s an option for HUD settings in Cockpit View. You can disable it.

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After doing some maths, the initial 33GB is going to take 24 hours to download. I have almost 4 hours done and I only have 5GB downloaded. And no, it’s not my internet. I only ever get slow speeds when updating the sim or downloading from the marketplace.

I cannot control the Super Hornet - when I start the flight it immidietly dives into aggressive barrel roll and crashes due to overstress.

Hey… Is anyone having problems moving the globe with your mouse in the world map? I can’t move it at all. Only the keyboard works and that’s slow, complicated and just sucks. Please help.

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Yes, i have the same issue : can’t move the world map with the mouse.

This is what I see now during the mandatory update…

I have the same problem… Can’t find any solution grrr

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You bave to reset the mose in the control option. Default 1

Oh no. This is crazy. First they removed simple functions like escape to escape a menu, now this.

I also had the can’t-move-world-map issue and on a lark tried resetting my mouse settings to the defaults. Now it’s working fine.

Perhaps there’s a new binding that isn’t set in existing profiles!

The Washington DC CTD bug seems to be fixed.


From this moment, the sim is actually unplayable.
But his was to be expected, as the servers are literally overloaded…
Using the Dx12 option isn’t going to do justice, but in a few days all will be different….

@N6722C @Nirgal2776

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