Discussion + Poll: Hotfix

If you have your GPU overclocked, go back to default settings. This solved the CTDs for me.

Not overclocked and have everything on low graphics settings

Removed OC solved the CTD issue !!!

Same here. I removed my OC and it fixed my CTD’s. Worth a try for anyone getting CTDs.

I got an altitude mismatch from the controller… 5000ft = 5300ft… Is the temp correct? Asian KL region nearly KLIA… flying the Diamond DA62 trying to complete the Jack of all Planes challenge…

That’s a know issue that will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix

THanks. I have fixed the TBM930 problems and completed a flight. However, when i goto cessna 172 or caravan and others then I have the problem of the interior instrument panel showing GPS TERM and the external Showing GPS ENS and when you goto land with ils it does not work. I think I will have to uninstall MFS2020 completely and start again but I have no conviction it will be any different!

so I have been using FS2020 since the Alpha and this is the worst experience so far for me. I haven’t been able to get this working yet since Sim Update 5. I notice in the error log for FS2020 it has cannot open file but have no idea what file it cannot open. I’ve pretty much done all i can do except reinstall for the 5th time or so. Pretty bummed about this whole update. Basically it feels like this is trolling me now. :unamused:

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yeah i can’t get to the main menu lolz :sob:

A false system setting or essential service disabled possibly?

possibly but I haven’t been able to figure this out. Its really weird. I have seen a lot of issues with this sim but have always been able to resolve them in a short amount of time. This is different. Someone get Bill on the line.

Bills retired you need to speak to Melinda ;p ROFL

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Just flew the TBM for 2 hours. Performance is great. G3000 is working as expected too.

Update, flew the 172 for a couple hours on High-End graphics settings using a GTX 1660S. Spectacular!

I’m going to push it to Ultra for my next flight.

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@Nendail2020, did you get this problem solved? I am stuck on, too.

ATC does not recognize the correct altitude and demands it, although you are flying at the correct altitude and the baro is set accordingly. It would also be nice if the ATC knew the right transition, for example USA 18,000 ft, but Europe often between 5000 and 10,000 ft. In addition, the ATC should also be overhauled or renewed compared to the ATC in FS2004 (FS9.1). The “Radar Contact” program could also serve as a model, which offers further options such as skipping waypoints, short final, etc. But it would at least be good if the ATC simply worked properly.
Have you observed the same? Buy the way, I’m using the external weather program “REX” but that should no be an influence, since it although happens over 18.000 ft. I fly at FL340 and ATC always want me to corrct my FL to 340…(??)

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making a proper ATC is so difficult, it requires that all the pieces of the system to be already in place. The game is not yet ready, it is not even close to be ready and mature. It is suffering BIG changes so, it is impossible to think yet in something like Radar Contact.
By the way, RC4 is an awesome program. It keeps me playing P3D 4. What a joy
In MSFS I simply do not use ATC, it is a joke, it is full of errors and weird behaviors.

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I’ve tried RC in FS2020 - and its no joke - it works a little, since it may use the FSUIPC , but there is no window to choose options, so it is useless. Maybe some day someone will devellop an external programm like RC for FS2020, since the default programm is stupid. But even the FS2004 ATC was working little better, so why they can not adapt that? But the failure Ive reported was not there before the XBOX update.

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Nice! I didn’t know RC was “working” on MSFS.
They can’t adapt old ATCs like the one from FS2004 because data structures and data standards are completely different in MSFS, and adapting data basically means adapting the whole system. It won’t happen. From what I sense in the air, they are building the game piece by piece, but EVERYTHING is new, even the dev team and their experience in flight sims. So, ATC won’t happen anytime soon, sadly. Imma tell you what is going to happen, just like in DCS, they are going to invest all the money on the eye candies and the good looking of the game, they want good clouds, PBR textures, nice buildings, nice trees. They want to sell through the eyes, background systems don’t matter to them, that includes ATC, AI, and gaming mechanics like having a carreer mode or whatever. I saw that happening with DCS for the last 20 years, also in all the other games in Steam. Shinny looking textures sell more than an indeep war simulation like in Falcon BMS.
Of course, I deeply respect your opinion and your feelings

ATC has always been flawed with every sim platform, I never use it. I have pilot2atc, PF3…now brave enough doing Vatsim…love it