Discussion + Poll: Hotfix

That’s not another issue, it has the same root cause…

  • image is still severely overexposed, the whites are trying to blind you
  • objects look simplified
  • cessna 172 trim is still too sensitive
  • when limited to 30 fps, the motion is almost nice and smooth
  • in dense areas like new york, the objects keep appearing and disappearing when looking around
  • sometimes when looking from above downwards (with view switch on the yoke), the scene forgets to render, so only cars are seen floating in space
  • when the scene does render i can see the ground through cessna rear windows

OK, here you go. This is live weather and traffic:

Unfortunately, it’s quite sunny and few clouds over New York today, so here’s a couple of different weather settings, just for fun

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Getting a consistent hang when starting a flight, or CTD when starting the flight wiht live weather ON. I can choose clear skies, then start the flight, and then turn on live weather without any issues.

Anyone else seeing this?

EDIT - seems to be US airspace mostly - which is a bit weird. Wonder if there is an issue with US Live Weather

EDIT/EDIT - seems to be working fien now. I wodner if there has been a live weather server issue - either as part of the hotfix, just a glitch or excessive load

Well, after the hotfix was installed, I have multiple CTD!!! I reset my GPU OC “MSI afterburner” setting to normal. then no CTD.

But the LOD is horrible!!!

Flight Level 330FT.

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Since the patch this morning I’m getting CTD’s pretty regularly… This is entirely new on my install, I haven’t had CTD problems with MSFS prior to this.

Something is definitely not OK with this patch.

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I just hope that any development on WU6 (as much as I would love to see it being from Austria) and the Top Gun DLC is halted until we have a stable base simulator with essential features that work cross platform - the resources are clearly being needed else where, especially with the holiday season in full force. Communicate openly with the community, don’t commit to release deadlines and focus on stability and bug fixing. You built up so much good faith until now, but once its gone it will be difficult to regain trust with a smoke and mirrors approach as being utilized now.


Hi, I installed the Dev version (rls 5668670) into a clean Community folder, rebooted my PC and then started MSFS and soon after got a ctd. I have Real Weather turned off even though I didn’t that far. I haven’t had a ctd since uninstalling fbw a few days ago.

Did I install the wrong FBW 320 version
Thnx for your

let us take this to the DM’s

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Yes that is the latest Dev version…I have not flown since the update, but you have the latest version

Ok, I guess they still have some work to do. I’m back with the stock A320 but I miss FBW’s 320.

When do you get CTD midflight?

Going to test it again…

:pray::pray: hope it goes well

I thought the weird temperatures at high altitudes supposed to be fixed with this update? Just did a flight in CJ4, everything is smooth, performance is nice and all but ■■■■, guys fix this bug ASAP. +18C on runway, i take off, climb, temprature dropping, then at ~20 000ft temperature instantly jumps to +70C, my speed instantly jumps to 340 knots from ~260 knots and i’m overspeeding. Managed to climb more and nearing the 30 000ft temperature instantly changes to -68C. Again engines messed up. Same happened on descend. At ~20 000ft.


NO update in MS Store. Tried all the fixes posted here - reset the store, signed out and in, restart the PC, clicked the 3 dots, tried ‘manage’, nothing. start the game, points me to the store, nothing in store. Anyone else? It has been 7hours since launch of the HF?

could be an overload on the servers

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wow…why is it so bright and washed out?

I really don’t want to minimise comments from people having issues. That would be bad. Still, so many complaining while they have addons installed (and you can see from screenshots). It makes things a bit messy when, alongside genuine complaints, you get so much noise from people who don’t follow the instructions…


I finally got the thing to update but still had a CTD near the end of my 1st flight. One thinng I noticed when pulling up the Performance app on the xBox Game Bar is that MSFS while only using around 35% of CPU, System Ram, and Video Ram, is using 98-100% of my 6800XT. This is running with the Ultra Preset @ 2560x1440. I am not seeing any artifacts or other symptoms of overheating on the GPU like I used to see when I used to o/c things. I will try again tomorrow and use the AMD App to monitor the temps on the 6800XT and see I guess