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Dramatically Increased fps. Can this be true?.This update was smooth and is very impressive. On my laptop (Win10, cpu intel 9300h, gpu nvidia 1660 ti q-max) I see an estimated fps improvement well above > 25%. On the NYC-scene activity with “high-end” settings I see a fps rate of >= 30 to 35 above the park and then an astonishing 35 to 40 over the scyscrapers. In my first tests I also think to have observed a rather high minimum fps and much fewer microstutterers. (Nvidia driver date 05/05/22, driver version


have to say i expect new sim after this update with big mess. instead of that i get big gain without pain. so this is new sim without mess, that should be with thousand addons and same quantity changes. and i sure second - “no pain” part is betta testers works too. then collaboration with nvidia and all that windows update. i even update version to 22h2. so people set stars in right positions on the sky

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I use a Samsung QN90A FALED 55" TV :grin::ok_hand:

Soon I’m switching to an Oled when I upgrade my lounge TV to a 65".

(I sold my wife for 6 camels and 12 chickens.)


Is LOD distance that autogen is drawn ?

If so I agree … especially for airliner flight. Given it’s all but invisible at 30 000 ft…


So to summarise… am I correct in thinking that the Game Ready driver from nVidia is NOT yet available to take advantage of DX12… as of today ?

Just a quick question concerning the latest Su 10 Update !
I checked my Microsoft Store to run the Update .
I then realized that i forgot to Remove all my Mods from my Community folder and i stopped the update . ( Maybe some mb’s were downloaded ) .
I removed all my mods , and when i went back to my Microsoft store to continue with the update , i realized that there were No more Updates available and everything was updated .
I assumed that only some mb’s were downloaded .
I then launched my Msfs and the update of 15 gb’s went fine .
I have the latest build .
Am i missing something since i couldn’t complete the Update in my MS Store or Not ?

I’ve not noticed any increase in performance since upgrading to SU10. But then again, even with SU9 I’ve always had generally good performance. I have an i9-11900 CPU with an nVidia RTX 2060, and 32Gb of RAM. I’m using DX11. Not tried 12. Probably won’t either.

However, I will say that I completely uninstalled the game to fresh install with SU10, and I’ve not installed any of my dlc yet. Just wanted to see how it performs “vanilla” before I start to install the dlc.

The game does seem to launch faster though.

If you have then you are on the final release. Nothing more to download.


The GRD is not yet available. Correct.

And it’s about a 50-50 with nVidia users who are reporting “good” results with the Studio Driver compared to the old GRD. Having been in the beta from Day 1 and seeing how the first beta performed, this final version is NOWHERE near that level. Not even ballpark close. Even the “good” results people are reporting don’t seem to match what was happening in that early beta.

I’ve rolled back to the old GRD from Studio as it was a complete dumpster fire of performance for me both in DX11 and DX12.


Thnx for clarification.

Will keep with DX11 and be patient :+1:

Keep us informed.


I admit it’s not something one can’t get used to, as it really hit me in the eyes the first time I saw it. On my second flight in the 787, I was a bit more used to it. However, it’s far from ideal and a stark contrast to the previous version. I hope they’ll be able to mitigate the issue without sacrificing stability.

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Terrain LOD is distance that 3D objects are rendered I think including photogrammetry. Object LOD is detail on rendered 3d objects. Even VFR you get visually far enough with TLOD at 200. TLOD at 400 is excessive, not that noticable (perhaps say excluding FL300 nightlighting), but make a serious dent into CPU usage which leads to CPU mainthread limiting situations & stutters. The other CPU usage drivers are AI traffic and clouds (say on Ultra). Turning all of these down a bit while keeping the GPU busy enough is usually the route to having a more balanced system. You can then tryout the 30FPS/60Hz VSync and see what happens, but only after doing the balancing first. I have no idea why there isn’t an automated tool for doing this. Maybe one that allowed a choice between Max FPS v Max smoothness/fluidity as a choice. People who want high FPS will have to accept lack of fluidity or some stutters. I never look at my FPS. I did so last night for the first time in ages to monitor GPU usage with SU10. Locking VSync at 30(50%) and getting fluidity does that for you.

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Despite the huge increase in performance on Xbox, I just got a CTD at EHAM( Premium Deluxe) in the 787 cold&dark at the gate. Second try was ok, but it’s this kind of annoying stuff that ruins the joy and excitement.

So yes, performance wise it’s a huge step in the right direction, but stability (or the lack of it) still is a huge concern.


Do you use rolling cache?, not suggesting it’s anything to do with ctds, but if you aren’t, maybe try enabling it, or disabling it if you are.
I have it on with default 8gb cache.

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You’ll find the performance of the sim fantastic - extremely smooth flying experience - huge improvement on SU9 . But note of caution, there are still too many CTDs for comfort and The Hjet and the A320 seem to encounter more than other aircraft. Third party airports are still best avoided altogether on Xbox…

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So clouds are a cpu thing ? Didn’t know that.

I keep Ai everything down at 20 percent.

But I do have Volumetric Clouds on Ultra.

I’ll try knocking it down a nothch.


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Those using Rolling Cache, if you go to the file location it is set to use, do you actually see any files. I have never ever seen it actually create anything. I would expect to see in Explorer something taking up the space so some kind of files of 8GB in your case, but I see absolutely nothing, just an empty folder.

I have it completely off, for a long period of time now. In my opinion, there are too many opinions about this. I haven’t read THE ultimate solution.


Clouds hit GPU, but they do load CPU as well clouds are better looking in SU10 so I suspect there is more of a loading.
Turn down Airport AI workers a notch too, there are too many again a CPU loader.
Make sure you are loading your GPU enough. Your dev mode FPS counter should not be showing mainthread limits. Just about every stuttering issue with FS seems to involve CPU limited bottlenecks.

You shouldn’t obsess too much about emptying your Community folder; we’re only advised (correctly) to do it in case any of your add-ons aren’t compatible with the updated sim, which could cause problems.

While doing it is good advice, I forget nearly every darned time and I’ve never had a problem. Worst case scenario: the sim won’t run and you’d have to empty the folder and restart the sim, which would be the same as starting it in Safe Mode.