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Circular ones too, which are possible to see from the air, but not on the ground.

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The FBW A320neo printer causing an insta-CTD is a known issue of the plane, which already existed before SimUpdate 6.


Lol, maybe I don’t want to see ships, ha ha

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yep, just had my first ever ctd with the experimental, just normal flying no printing!

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As you can see from the screenshots I posted, I mostly fly the TBM 930. After the update, I noticed the following. The flight behavior has changed quite a lot. When the flaps are fully extended, the speed does not decrease as much as before and the lift is much higher than before. Behavior on the ground has also changed. So the TBM now rolls with less thrust. The steering behavior on the ground is also less aggressive during take-off and landing. I cannot judge whether this corresponds more to reality. Maybe someone here in the forum knows about it. What in my opinion no longer works properly are the taxi lights. When the switch is in the OFF position, the lights are off. In the taxi position, the lights are also off. When the pulse switch is ON, the landing lights come on in the taxi position. In the landing position, the landing lights come on. The pulse switch position has no influence here. Pulsating landing lights are no longer possible. Also the landing lights are flickering in some way. I think the ATC sound is a bit distorted, but still understandable. Has anyone else had this experiences with the TBM?

The DA62 is a favourite of mine, too.

I’m using it with the WorkingTitle G1000 NXi (available for free in the ingame Marketplace) and the excellent DA62X Improvement Mod by our esteemed forum member MrTommymxr, and I have not seen any issues with it in Sim Update 6. In fact, I just did two nice flights with it.

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Is anyone else seeing “shimmering” or “winking” night lights? I seem to be having a phenomenon in SU6 that I did not see previously…all the lights kind of shimmer in and out of view.

Also, I’m glad SU6 supposedly restored aircraft lighting at night…but it’s really unrealistic. I can only see the lights on other aircraft once I get relatively close to them…they should be visible from WAY further away.


To guys who like to do the Bushtrips but cannot because of the bus introduced in SU5 / SU6:
Have a look in this thread and vote please:


Anybody else have twinkling runway lights? maby a bit to much?


That’s a good thing. The trim was made way too sensitive after SU5. Seems like they improved it.

This was a great update. I only had one issue which was the clouds were really pixelated. I reset the UserCfg.opt file and changed sharpen to 0 (off). Didn’t have to do this last time, but this time I did and it cleared up the pixelation, mostly.
All these fixes plus G1000 improvements. Just a great job.


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Looks like it could be an entrance to another dimension. I guess I never really thought you could see a full circle rainbow but thinking about it it does make sense.

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Yes (I just posted about that a couple of posts above yours).

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Don’t know if it counts as CTD, but the installation made a complete stop while decompressing a file.

Another detail is that after setting LOD to max. EHAM didn’t have any buildings left except the tower.

  • Update: Clearing the rolling cache after each graphics settings change and performing a restart after that seems to solve program freezes. Set mine to 32.

I just flew the DA62 in SU6 and it is working just fine. Are you using the NXi mod, and if so, did you go to the Content Manager after doing the main sim update and download the new SU6-compatible version of the NXi? If not, you are still using the old SU5 version, which is not compatible with SU6 and that could account for the problems you are seeing.


This update has completely reset my logbook and 200 hrs of flights (Xbox series x), anybody have any idea how to recover my flight hours? Cheers

Yes, since day 1 which was last August we have had rainbows.

Im pretty sure you cant, if you look at my steam profile I have 1740+ hours in the sim, if you look at my log book in game I have 3 hours ( Ive lost my hour 4 times since the game came out, and twice just over the weekend).

There was a thread about it in the long ago and a few PC people said they were able to recover theirs, didnt work for me but you might want to try a search for missing logbook hours and see what you come up with.

Yup. I posted about that yesterday. Everything is too twinkly.

Yes, I had thought that it was perhaps my GPU running out of resources that was causing this.