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Every navdata update will need to be done manually as long as the Navigraph Beta is active. Once the MSFS update is done, simply run the Navigraph installer and everything will be updated.

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Would be nice to have ATIS, ATC, and actual winds at the airport all match. Oh, and windsocks that correctly indicate wind direction and speed.

It’s the little things… :slight_smile:

  • ATC is broken, calls out higher altitudes than filed in the flight plan.
  • Performance quite a bit worse.
  • Live weather a mixed bag.

Some problems encountered, thus far.

Yes, but at least now, if you request a “reasonable” lower Altitude, ATC will probably give it to you, and the calculated new altitude is
Prior to Update #4, that did not seem to work.

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Ah, ■■■■. Where’s my CTD? Now it just freezes. Truly unbelievable, every. single. update causes new and profound problems. Seems the G36 improvement package no longer works, yes, I have the WT G1000 ver 3.7 in the community folder.

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That’s it in the Bugs threads. If that is representative then I would be surprised if it is a priority item on Asobo’s list. If it is NOT representative, why not?

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The advice given is to see if sim performs as it should with no addons, to establish a base line. You then introduce mods, which enables you to tell where the issue may lie. In this case it sounds like you have established the fault is with the addon, and not the sim?

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Update didn’t work for me… every file kept looping… delete the offending file then startup again, delete the next looping file and restart again… and on and on… so it would never progress… Checked everything, reset etc. All we perfect, and never an issue before. (I am an experienced PC and sim user including MSFS!).
So after a bit of playing MSFS would DL but failed to extract/update the files. Tricked it into a clean install by renaming the Official folder to Official1 and created a new “Official” (onestore) folder. Deleted most of the LocalCache (folders/files). All now all of the files went in as new and no issues. Except that the 6 gig update turn out to be an 200Gig reinstall. No biggy, zzzzz… only took SEVERAL hours! but thank goodness for fast and unlimited internet!

So now all is done. All is in now and and working as intended!
Zen Desk Please note! Continuous loops appear to have been the install/decompression process not completing with existing OFFICIAL (onestore) files but once there was a new OFFICIAL folder (or the pre-existing official folders removed, the system assumed it was a new install and applied all of the required files to the Official folder (and without disturbing any of my cfg files or my set up parameters).

(Still the best sim so far (as far as graphics), and the rest will come over time. But as in most software devs these days, the experienced end users are the real beta testers of the product. Onward and upward, that is until the next update!! lol


And so easy to install, not awkward or complicated at all…

I’m in the same boat. No updates available in Content Manager. I have no idea if this is expected, but it would be great if there was a page that would tell us what the latest versions are supposed to be.

I’ve avoided LAX and ATL for the past two updates. My computer overheats going to any of those airports and I get 8-11 FPS.

AMD Driver 20.10.1 is the only driver that’s been solid for me and many others in a long time.


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it’s in the usercfg file that u go and change the 2 to a 3 to make it 300 and it helped quite a bit and as u can see from the video before sim update 3 it made the sim load buildings and everything further away which really helped with the melted buildings issue too.

The best or worst part about these issues is…We will have to wait another month, maybe two before the next “update” rolls around. Part of the problem here is I think, MS is trying to treat FS as Windows. We will gather up bugs, and put out one patch every so often and hope it solves issues. And over the next few days, when the live Q/A pops up, issues will be mentioned, and they will smirk, and say they know, or it’s been “fixed”…Wait another month for the fix, rinse and repeat. I get that this is a complex piece of software…but you know what? It’s been almost a year since the initial release…If you don’t have your head wrapped around it, by the end of a year, I don’t think you ever will…I mean there are still major bugs just about everywhere…Aircraft that don’t work right or do things correctly…Autopilot or co-pilot systems that don’t work right, weather that is all over the place, and on and on…a year, after it’s release…

I give out a huge amount of respect to the Working Title guys as the opposite example. The new update came out and literally hours later, they had updates out…Once they get integrated into the FS team, my fear is, that goes away…and were back to waiting months for fixes instead of hours…


Any change on the longitude ?

where is that file?

They work for Microsoft now. Also, it’s a little bit confusing how what they do ends up in the game but also on Github.

it’s in the Local Cache Folder where it also has subfolders for facilities and packages and a few others and if u look at the very bottom it will say usercfg.opt file u open that with notepad

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Yeah even on super pc’s those area’s seem to be no fly zone lol

Found it, thanks.

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