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I have to agree, the MS Store is a PIA to use. Gaming Services, for whatever reason sometimes starts a second instance and causes problems that I have to solve thru Task Manager by killing one process. The recent undocumented features (bugs) in the last update frustrated me to the point that I was willing to do a complete reinstall, but when I tried after uninstalling, the reinstall errored out and now I have no Flight Simulator. Now I’m down to googling every possible solution to the problem (with no success). NooblixFR007’s solution is the next test, fingers crossed. I may just quit and go back to robbing 7-11s…


Open Registry Editor

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet-> Services Remove the Gaming Services and Gaming Services Net

Restart Computer Go to your Windows Store → 3-dot-menu-> Downloads and Updates-> Check updates

Gaming Services should install now without issue.

Double check by rebooting and going back to Windows Store and trying to Get Updates again you should be

Up to date.

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Unfortunately, didn’t work for me, started the install, fail on error 0x80073D26. Check Registry, the install attempt put the 2 Gaming Services files back in, but still failed to completely install. Sound of grinding teeth… :laughing:

Why does Microsoft keep forcing these updates on me? Every Single Time I start Flight Simulator (yes, I’m not a hard-core gamer) I sit waiting for an hour or more for the game to start.

I don’t mind getting security updates, but these updates include significant portions of the whole game. Including a lot of stuff I’m not interested in. Why, Microsoft, why?

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Checked again today and in fact the windturbines are facing the wind now correct all the time. Seems there are some improvments that they didn’t even mention


Bare with me, because this could be my imagination at work but…

….do the Autogen buildings not look as ‘correct’ as they did prior to the update? I can’t put my finger on what it is, but they look much more generic and less like they belong than they did before.

In particular, when flying over the UK, there appear to be way more North American looking buildings than I remember there being previously.

As I said, it could be me imagining something that isn’t there, but it just doesn’t feel the same :man_shrugging:t3:

Edited to add - Maybe I’m not going mad. They’re really going to have to sort these server issues before the XBOX release.

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This morning there were 30 updates in my Windows Store to download and install.
I stay pretty much up to date on a daily basis with all of my OS, Store and MSFS updates, so I was quite surprised to see so many today.

I noticed 2-3 that were related to the MS Store and Gaming services. So, better check there ASAP to make sure that you’re up to date.

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I forget report PERFECT feature of Vatsim aircrafts show on display :slight_smile:

Seems Gaming Services is a hot mess for quite a few people trying to download it (myself included). Several solutions offered up in this and other forums, so far, none of which work for me. Mildly agitated…

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can confirm that now buildings are not correct also to my opinion, especially typical apartment houses (in previous places) now stay there old more floor houses with roof. also my apartment house is missing :slight_smile: it existed from day 1 and don’t know when it was deleted (as some update feature).

I can’t swear to this but am pretty sure the buildings are procedural using BlackShark AI. Any tweaks to their procedures could then cause changes to appearance of lots of buildings.

After the update the ground looks terrible when flying at high altitude. So blurry!!!.. Before the update the visuals had much better quality.

I love MSFS but Im not happy after the last update :triumph:. Even I feel the performance is a little bit worse than before.

Someone has the same impressions as I have about the blurry terrain and performance degradation?

Happy sunday!!!

That altitude is now 20000 feet. They changed the texture approach distance. Depending on the distance between a texture and you, the texture will be blurred. In the end you’ll see an average color. With the last update, they shifted the lowest detail texture downward. You now get a detail level at 21000 feet what you previously saw at 41000 feet. And (in theory!) FpS should improve, there is less texture data. This measure gives also better details at lower altitudes… but indeed… suddenly it looks worse at 20000 feet. At 19900 feet it looks better. There are lots of complaints about it, so maybe they’ll put 35000 next update ? It’s just a number…


Thanks for the answer. Now I understand why it looks bad when flying abobe FL200.

If Asobo did it to have better performance it was unsuccessful. I hope they fix the visiuals soon.


Everyone with awful performance, I mean like barely reaching 25 fps, can I just ask what graphics settings you are using, as well as where you fly and what planes? I have a mid range, budget gaming rig, and I consistently get 30-60 fps. I am on Medium settings, with clouds and reflections on high, and some of the smaller stuff like ambient occlusion, contact shadows on low. In my opinion, my game looks and feels amazing. I typically fly to, from, and around Toronto CYYZ, Montreal CYUL, Ottawa CYOW and sometimes around Vancouver CYVR. I also mostly fly the Citation Longitude and the Beech Baron. I just can’t imagine why you guys would be having such awful performance, with most the time having a better PC than me! I really want to know, am I just getting lucky, or have my settings tuned perfectly for my rig, maybe just certain areas of the world have bad performance, or maybe some people being too demanding for graphics? Please share your thoughts and I wish you all to have great visuals and performance in the future.
Have fun flying! (Or at least try)


You are probably not TRYING to run on a 4K Monitor ?

4x the size, 1/4 the speed …

The problem with comparing fps rates with other simmers is that there are so many variables you have to consider–not only hardware variations, but other software settings and configurations. Also, fps varies with type of aircraft, weather conditions, altitude, location,etc. as well as the player’s expectations.

You can’t say “I’m having a terrible experience so this sim sucks.” You also can’t say “I’m having a great experience so this sim is perfect.”

Personally, I’m enjoying every second I spend in this game, but I had to go through lots of stress and trial and error to get to this point. I have a lot of sympathy with those who are in the midst of the battle.


No I’m not trying to run it on a 4k monitor, but even if I had one I wouldn’t. 1080p is just fine for most flight simmers, myself included. In my opinion we all need to take a step back with the performance, especially if you’re trying to run it 4k ultra (exaggeration but I’m sure thats the case for some). Our hopes are far too high.
The problem is that it’s less about FLYING, and all about scenery, with the exception of issues such as incorrect SIDs and STARs, live weather, and a few others actually pertaining to flying aircraft, running the sim.
Remember, aviate, navigate, communicate, and only after that can you worry about scenery :wink:


I understand the abundance of variables., it’s extremely frustrating and I feel for those that have not yet figured it out.
I agree with you 100%, especially the last line.

maybe, this is the cause:
We performed some optimization for the initial full download of the title so the base game is only 83GB instead of +170GB
how many things have been removed to reduce by 2 the size of the package?