Discussion + Poll: Sim Update V (

Has anyone tried running the sim in administrator mode, to see if that makes any difference? I expect a lot of people do anyway.

I suspect the latter, just as it appears they did with the original release.

For you to function with the mouse: general options- accessibility-system of interaction with the cockpit: put in INHERITED.
And it will work for you as before, I put an image for you to see it better.

have you noticed all them top flight sim streamers on twitch seem to be running ok,
looks like support is going to those selling the product rather than people like you and i which had to pay for it.

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I’ve done a full redownload and reinstall and still CTD in the main menu

If you are not running as admin anyway, just what are you doing! :rofl:

no I hadn’t been running it as admin… which was stupid anyway I admit. But since I’ve been running as admin, it’s working fine…

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I had the same with 4000 kg each. The bug is the temperature. It was round about 45 degrees celius. That brings the poor perfomance to the engines … at around FL 220 temperature becomes normal and climb power as well … live weather issue … I remember at the beginning … a similar problem …

greets Klaus

Now that Ive actually done a side by side with the Overexposure issue. Some things look better, some are worse. I tried to get the same angle, same time of day.
The whites, mainly are what are getting blown out. You can see the main differences under the wing, with the occlusion, and in the details on the engine cowling, the shadows on the buildinig soffets. Anyone see anything else?


Thank you very much! This confirms my suspicion.
Edit: Looks like shadows are way worse than before. Especially on the buildings in the back.


I’m currently playing the Xbox Series X version (I have it on the PC as well and usually play on there) and I have to say I have encountered zero issues. The graphics are amazing and all of my flights have been smooth, the clouds are sumptuous, and everything is working. I should also add that I have an LG CX 4K OLED tv so things also look 100x better on that. I would also like to add that Peru is insanely gorgeous and is fast becoming one of my favorite countries because the scenery is to die for.

I would also like to add that I had a few CTDs last night on my PC version, usually during a flight but once during the loading screen, but before they happened it also ran fine on my PC. No noticeable issues other than the CTDs.

Beautiful update……when o when it’s possible for me to fly.
But …constant freezes and now and then a ctd.

I am playing this game since September last year and sure…there were some issues from time to time. But since update 5 it is not playable any more. Freezes all over. Bush trips are messed up

Come on Asobo I am not a Beta Tester!!!


Fix overly bright, overexposed colors and revert to previous cloud quality!


same problem on the cj4. I use the radial dial on the thrustmaster throttle for elev trim and it doesnt work anymore since new update. I use WT 0.12.6. but even if I deactivate all mods (empty community folder) I have this trim issue. In other planes the radial dial trim works but only +50/-50.

Try This: (CTD Problem)

Unsinstall your Nvidia Drivers with DDU ( Display Driver Uninstaller )
Clean, custom Install the of the old good one Nvidia 457.30 Drivers. ( only the Drivers → check "reset Settings )

All Problems gone! No one CTD since then…give it a try!


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hi …

AMD ryzen 3800XT, 3090 and M2 … Took off from KJFK with all on ULTRA… AI traffic off. Other traffic like ships and ferrie 100%. Aircraft on Ground 50 % … no stuttering … unbelievable. My locked frames are 30 all the time. The average frame is round about 27-29 frames. Only a few times when scenery will be loaded I got a short stutter. That´s it …

I dont like the new cache system, if you can call it cache. I am using a head tracker and when turning sideards the builings will be reloaded … it is going very fast, but it is not really nice.

My CPU usage over New York is round about 19 % … some peaks up to 45 %. GpU usage is not more than 33 % … Till now I am not using a 4K monitor … This is a future project …

But, the tree issue is back ?! I cant belive that this part of New York is so green :-p … Trees are very big …

The bridges are looking insane :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your airspeed, if your clipping along at 320 knts, well it’ll climb, but very slowly. If you drop your speed to 280knts it should climb just fine.

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Had to reinstall it all. Did an update in Windows 11 and was forced to use the new Xbox app. That was not an impovement. But besides that I did had CTDs and don’t know why. I took me a day to download it all again.

First flight and windows performance monitor on showed that my graphics card was every few seconds in use and then 0% again. Couldn’t fly for a minute. At second flight it al went smooth until… I turned on my second monitor to use the performance monitor again. This was not a problem before the update.

So… it looks beautifull and better. But I haven’t experienced the performance improvement at all yet.
Ryzen 3950X + 1080Ti and enough RAM and storage.

Maybe their server is an xbox :rofl: