Discussion + Poll: Sim Update V (

Xbox yes, pc no.

Well, for me Track IR is a hot mess. From external view things are not too bad, although I’m getting quite frequent stutter/sound freezes just like before it crashes, but it doesn’t crash. A second later the sim returns to normal.

But inside the cockpit while looking around using Track IR, I got literally thousands of the same kind of stutters/sound freezes, and I thought it would CTD at any moment, but it didn’t. It is almost unflyable like this, so will hope for and wait for future updates/hot fixes to Track IR functionality. I’m running Track IR v5 latest update.

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I see massive improvement in FPS as well (before a random CDT ruins it again).
But I doubt this is from thread-optimisation, as I still see 1 core at constant 100% while all other cores hardly utilized - very different than what we were presented in the last Q&A.

So Performance gain seems to be coming from degrading visuals. But still looks good to me, no complaint there.
But the constat load of 100% percent on a single thread is vulnerable for stutters and pauses, when a new task is waiting to be handled by the mainthread.
So while running at 70+ FPS, never going below 60, I have regular stutters when eg. ATC comes in or new scenery objects are loaded.
It’s not gamebreaking - that’s what the CTD on every single flight is for - but I am just stating that there apparently was no CPU optimization like the one we’ve been shown in the Q&A.

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I don’t know if anyone read the acknowledgment/bullying thread that was posted recently, but at the very bottom it says that a hotfix is coming and that the devs are working to fix issues :slight_smile:


I doubt your improvement only comes from degrading the visuals.
Try with Cessna 172 with and without glasscockpit and check the framerates.

They optimized it. Why should they lie? But they may not optimized it for your CPU.
They clearly did it for the XBOX.

I have forgotten to remove items from Community folder and experienced a couple of CTDs. Then remembered to remove items from Community folder and since then the install went smooth and the sim plays beautifully,

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My game finished patching now but was downgraded to Standard edition… so now I have a gazillion of stuff to manually update from marketplace? like downloading world updates again? I have no idea what is happening atm.

Yes, you have to redownload the World Updates and that takes a while. You have to download them one by one, also, because all at once makes it go even slower. I had to redownload them yesterday.

both C172 still have one CPU core sit at 100%.

And this is all I am saying.

Not sure if you remeber or ever saw the last Q&A, but Seb was showing the imrovment that bring the constant 100% load down, giving the core some headroom.
And he was on an Intel CPU as well, but i think it was Gen 9.
THIS, and only THIS I am refering to.
As said earlier, my overall performance is great. It was great before SU5 and now is even better.
But I have stutters every now and then. in every plany, in any scenery and even on global LOW settings. And I have it, because the mainthread is utilized by 100% not leaving any headroom for additional work, while my overall CPU usage is between 40% and 50%.

So while I see performance improvement there is no improvement in CPU utilisation.
Only logical conclusion: performance gain is not coming from CPU otimization.

Just open your own system monitor, and have a look: you will have 1 core at 100% too.
And then watch the Q&A where we are told that this issue is solved with SU5.

Thank´s Asobo. The perfomande in my PC is AMAZING.

Great Update.

Intel 10700
RTX 2080 Super

I can only speak for my system.
And for me its as in the develop Q&A.

Stutters i also experience all the time. And they are not gone.
Same as in your case. Before ATC is talking or when scenery is loaded.
Both this is more a response issue of the servers and less a CPU issue.
Audio? Its really small. A few kilobytes. A CPU doesn’t struggle with this. More with waiting for it for 10-20 ms till the server responds.
Scenery? Its bigger. But a modern CPU can move several GBytes per second without issues.
So loading even ~10 MB is more a network issue rather than a processing issue.

Dont put too much into one core going 100% according to system monitor. It depends on os scheduling, which core gets the most work. One core never just runs one process even though it may look like that. The important measure is in game perf monitor, if you are more or less capped by main thread. I’m not saying you don’t have issues, just dont look at per-core system monitor too much.

so your CPU is not at constant 100% on one core?
Do you mind to share a screenshot of your system monitor, as this is very hard to believe.
Everyone else sharing a screenshot had the same issue: one core at 100%. You would be the first, not experiencing this.
I would understand if I were running an outdated CPU where even minimum settings are too much for one core.
But running 10th Gen at 4,9 GHz all core this definitely shouldn’t be the case…

And my network running at stable 250Mbit can be ruled out for stutters as well.

Here one Screenshot, showing what I am talking about…

As I wrote above OS tries to schedule cores fully, it is a considerable overhead to switch a process from one core. If that 100% is spread on 2 cores, it has to constantly “move” the process between them. Even when “idling” one of my cores usually takes most of the load. It could also be because of intel thermals and turbo boost. If more than X cores are running, turbo boost is lowered.

I have the Steam version. What is the benefit of running it as admin?

Add the smart cam to the list of useless features. There are so many poi spots now in PG cities it goes into seizure mode. It won’t lock on to the thing right in front of you, rather targets something behind causing wild camera swings, which causes lots of stutter and pop in with SU5.

No more pretty flyby of the London Eye, it’s just wildly throwing the camera in different directions.

Is there a way to have smart cam target the poi in front of you?

And yet still, this was what we’ve been shown on the last Q&A.

And this post from PMDG is supporting my assumption, that we did not get the build that was presented on the Q&A.


It’s been a while since I’ve had this many issues with an update, but SU5 has been at the top of the worst so far update cyle wise.

Emptied community mod folder before starting.
Update its self went more-or-less as normal until I had to start grabbing the last 20g from the content manager. CTD’s abound here…

Once I got through that, can’t fly. Random CTD’s, menu, in-game doesn’t really matter what I am doing. have yet to get off the ground.

Load times, ■■■ happened. I am >10m now (no mods) from icon click to world menu ( typically 3m with 10g of mods previously. 3900x 1080Ti 32g ram @ 3400mhz running from a Samsung EVO NVME SSD)

Performance is WAY up, but graphics @ Ultra (triple checked they are exactly the same as SU4) are WAY DOWN. All the buildings look like a melted candles, and overall everything looks like a bad x-plane Mesh update from G-Maps… I’ll take SU4 graphics/performance back, please…
Guess it’s a blessing the sim is too unstable to use for any length of time…

Some Screen shots of trees… What the Hell…


Need help to toggle the spoilers on Eurofighter Typhoon after the update. I can find the button for closing it, but not open it. Using T.16000M FCS Hotas Flight.

I don’t say you are incorrect but the 100% utilization of one core doesn’t have anything to do with it. It is just how windows schedules workloads.