Discussion + Poll: Sim Update VII (January Build

  • I got the Steam update, no issue.
  • I got in basic in-sim update, no issue.
  • Go to Content Manager to try to download the PD Edition content, CTD. On my 4th attempt now. Looks like I don’t get my PD content now…

EDIT. Make that 6th attempt. CTD every single time. Gonna wait for my son to download his and copy over his Official folder.


When My Way Achievement will be fixed?

All went well but I dont know what they fixed.

Oh great! Just when I had gotten used to the work-arounds! :wink:

All good, coming from the Public Beta!

Begs the question - what is a beta anymore? No change between beta and release (once again!!!) to me means we are still in a pre alpha state, likely for years to come.

I wonder if ATC knows this new weather (ATIS, ASOS, runway assignments, etc.)…if not, the ATC and the weather remain useless to me. This is my determining factor whether I fly in MSFS or do something (anything) else.

I will give it a go, and see for myself, but I have my doubts, because my standards have nothing to do with screenshots and social issues.


This is probably gonna annoy you since I’m sure you’ve heard it so many times, but did you empty your community folder? What about windows updates?
Also did you restart your PC between any of the attempts?
Sorry you’re having these difficulties.
Good luck

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Performance more or less the same. Frame consistency a little worse on the new release

Test flight from JFK to NYC


I very much doubt it – ATC could not correctly process the old weather, so no reason to expect any changes, and it to be able to process and improvements in the weather depiction in MSFS.

Read the Release Notes here.


How did you produce those neat comparison Graphics ?


Just ANOTHER CTD on update attempt. Nothing to see here… move along.

This ain’t my first rodeo, All of the above have been done. None work. Like I said, I’ll just play non PD content for now and copy over my son’s Official folder when he gets around to updating.

As for the patch itself, I honestly don’t see improvement in weather. Clouds still all wrong for the contitins. ATIS weather (and assocoated runways being assigned) don’t match weather in the sim. Still being told 10SM visibility.

But at least my TrackIR works correctly now.

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Sorry to hear that, man. Best of luck in the future and happy flying.

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Yes sadly rain still results in a massive overload of haze. I dont know why Asobo thinks rain means hugely reduced visibility.


The Bede and the Aerolite don’t seem to be working well, I press the throttle and there is no reaction.

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Every time like this, with every update it downloads everything without problems, when it gets to fs-base-x.x.xxx it goes in a loop. the only remedy is to exit the installation manager and restart MSFS.

Note: The community folder was renamed before launching MSFS

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Either for Thrustmaster hotas one nor for turtle beach velocity one flight!!!

Honestly (and sorry to say it that hard), it’s getting more than rediculus and embarrassing for the sim having this (for me simple) bug still in game after like more than half a year now… also in regards of the promotion of the peripherals!!!

It keeps me away from flying so often and it’s honestly stupid cause I’ll never have the chance going deeper into the calibration than just setting up the sensitivities, Wich it self is annoying!! It’s more than frustrating!!

Please solve this bug asap!!!


Started updating my series x before pc and had the update outside the sim first of around 1.8gb and then started the sim and updated but now I only have 25 folders installed and I’m sure before it was like 314? Basically in installed now are the premium upgrade and deluxe upgrade and all world updates and addons and that’s it. Rather confused and not sure what’s happened here (

115g update…Is that because I participated in the beta.