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just a few quick comments:
download and update went smoothly…no problems. I never have had problems with the update scheme. Its just a bit odd to have to do multiple updates for each ‘update’ (i.e; store update then in game update then free content updates).
I haven’t had a lot of time to check things out but I flew the flight I’ve gotten used to doing so I could check out performance and it seems to me to be a bit worse so I’ve given up fighting for what I used to have and decided to drop my render scaling down a bit from 150 to 120 and that allowed me to turn LOD sliders back up so Ill take the compromise.
all in all Im happy enough.
P.S: the question “Did you remove your mods from the community folder?” assumes one has mods to begin with… so I answered “No”

My saitek radios panels work with everything adjustable in single digit increments. My propwash simulation transponder is fine.
But my Saitek multi panel has no display now. Was working before the latest download.

Just another case of them fixing one thing and breaking 4 others in the process. Nothing new here.


Strange i see these windmills at the correct places.![windmill2|690x194]![windmill|690x462]

This one is the “bijenkorf” in Gemert NB


Feedback about this update
Strangely this time, I was not told to update first through the Store, so MSFS started with a 17 Gb update of, I did not understand why. Anyway, did it, and cleaned BTW the Community folder at that time
I went then in the Windows Store and requested the updates, it showed for MSFS and performed the store update at that time
Then I restarted MSFS and this time, I was invited to start the update for about 16 Gb
Everything Ok with the update procedure, fast and flawless
Sim then started, I stopped it and restarted it to be safe
I did WU4 in the MarketPlace, and everything was fine too.
I noticed the previous bug seen in WU3 with packages updates (see Content Manager Freezes) was fixed, no more content manager freeze :slight_smile:

I flew several places like over Paris, Lyon, and these areas, performances are great!
Paris gets better FPS than London.
Paris area is great and very realistic with PG on

Something that could be improved is the loading time and rendering of PG when flying
Note I am on High settings, I don’t know if something can be done to improve further the overall PG in dense city areas, but correct anyway above 1000ft
I use a 16Gb rolling cache, to help a bit with that

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Yes, at least two of us have posted about this further up this thread. No-one seems to have found a workaround, other than use the middle mouse button to switch to/from the locked pan mode, or remap the action for example to the hat switch on a joystick.

It’s so annoying that stupid bugs like this creep in. There’s no chance of Asobo putting it right, either, as there are so many bugs to fix now most of them will never get done.

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Well, I stand corrected. I will make another circuit over ‘Kinderdijk’ and have another look.
Plenty of those modern windmills but somehow I missed the traditional Dutch windmills.
but if you have seen them, then they must be there.
Have you found the bulb fields by any chance?

I’ve only noticed this in one place - Fiji. Long pauses of up to two minutes at a time. Haven’t seen it anywhere else though. Must retry after this update to see if it still occurs.

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Hi Guys, I’m a little confused about what I’m reading about the update process. I simply:

  1. fired up the sim and was advised there was an update
  2. let the sim update the bootstrap process (roughly just over a gig) then play the sim
  3. started the download process (23gig)
  4. Cleared my cache
  5. from the Market Place, I downloaded the World 4 update
  6. from the Market Place, I updated any modules that required the update.
  7. exited the sim and removed any suspect items from the Community folder, e.g., the Working Title G1000 is broken.
  8. Relaunched the sim and tested.

I didn’t have any 16gig updates that many are talking about.

Anyway, the sim has been working perfectly for me. I flew over Paris and had no performance issues and the scenery looked fine.

Admittedly, I’m coming from a good place, i.e., I9 10900k, 64gig RAM, 3090, M.2 drive, in 4K, all settings at ULTRA. So you would expect reasonable results.

Haven’t tested VR yet but I’ve found my 4K config more demanding on the system than flying in VR on the G2.

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That’s a beautiful picture! Maybe we will see some of that when seasons are implemented (I hope!).

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Yeah me too (300 Mbits fiber connection) and with A LOT of files restarting every some seconds.

Looks like a Server problem, 2 hours to download 9 files, this never happen to me even when the game was beta. :frowning_face: :confused:

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It seems there is an Escape key/Throttle bug now…In flight, if I hit Escape, then return to flying, the throttle drops to idle…I have to readjust the throttle and then the engines pop back to life…

I wonder, what is the difference (in the terms of updated content) if I install the sim update and world update, but I won’t install the free world update from the marketplace.

Can we get a list of the airports (100) that have been updated?

I don’t know what went wrong with the update but my performance is atrocious. I have a HP Reverb G2 VR headset and I used to get about 45-60 fps on my RTX 3090 card. I am now getting 5 fps in VR with the same settings at the same airport. I don’t know what has gone wrong, but I can’t play MSFS like this.

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Its happening to ALOT of ppl, but dont worry a fanboi will be around shortly to let you know its just you .

But it’s not.


The photogrammetry looks awefull i must agree, but it’s mainly caused by two things.

1 Bing maps for Europe are still not on par with the quality of the North American ones.
Especially the city maps

  1. Severe server overloads

I’m absolutely sure this will soon be better so let’s see…
In the meantime, because i’m mostly flying in Western Europe , i”ve put photogrammetry off, waiting for those improvements to come…

I’m really tired of the atrocious performance in MSFS. I tested the new update without VR at various settings with a RTX 3090:

Low-End global render quality: 14 fps
Medium global render quality: 12 fps
High-End global render quality: 9 fps
Ultra global render quality: 6 fps

This is on an i9 CPU, a SSD, and 32 GB of RAM. What a joke. I can play Cyberpunk with everything maxed out at 60 fps but I can’t even play MSFS at potato quality.


UNFORTUNATELY YOU ARE SADLY RIGHT!!! To this day, every update seems like a pain… I don’t see a way out and that makes me really sad.